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TinyDickCuckold to Renchi :
A recreation of this scene from the first Naruto Shippuden movie https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxSWePLSLbg1UY5I3z67DzTTOqTM0GGdxl, where Kusuna is fucking Shions pussy and anus with his dark chakra worms, and Shion desperately trying to hold her hands in front of her mouth while two chakra worms are trying to pull them appart. And two Chakra worms are pulling her legs appart even if she is trying to clench them together. Lastly two worms are pulling his coat open and one to be pulling out his knife. (While in the movie he only has 4 dark chakra worms in this image I do want him to have 9). I do want Shion to be clothed, but with her white top pulled up so her breasts are out in the open. I also want her pants to be pulled down quite far. And I do want her right breast to have markings and nerves like this https://i.imgur.com/PBNM4UV.png as a chakra worm has bitten her nipple and poisoned her. I want Kusuna to be fully clothed, not even having his dick out. Though I want a bulge on his crotch to show his arousal. Lastly, a bit of context for why Shion is holding her hands in front of her mouth. She isn't really Shion, she is really Taruho who used a jutsu to shapeshift into Shion. It's a perfect transformation, and it's permanent even to the point of death. But Taruho's voice is still his own even even if he has transformed permanently into Shion. So he is deseprately trying not to moan and give away that she isn't Shion. I would reckomend watching the first Naruto Shippuden movie if you can for the full context.
7 Feb 2023 19:57

Tipzey to JoeH :
Mitsuki fucking boruto missionary style
10 Apr 2022 15:57

Ffgggvtbhh to JoeH :
사쿠라 지라이야
17 Mar 2022 20:28

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