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SAKURA123456 to Rex :
bondage,squrit and ahego
15 Jul 2024 03:51

落雨清风 to Rex :
14 Jul 2024 02:35

Rigobert16 to Rex :
Himawari (Two Blue Vortex version) assview
9 Jul 2024 08:50

Grav911 to Rex :
14 May 2024 22:09

TinyDickCuckold to Renchi :
More of a sequel to my previous request you haven't accepted or rejected yet. But this is more the aftermath of the girls cucking him, and offering aftercare for the intense emotional anguish they put him through. Sumire wrapping her arms around Borutos right arm and nibbling on his neck, Chōchō to be pressing Boruto's face in her right boob and Boruto's left hand on her left boob, and Sarada to be between Boruto's legs and using a Onahole on his tiny ass cock while nibbling on his balls (he is their cuck after all, and his cock isn't allowed inside any of them). I do still want this to take place in Borutos room, I want all the girls to be covered in sweat with their hair messed up while Boruto is dry as heck as a visual indicator that they have beemmn fucking while he has not been getting any action until now, I want Boruto to be the only one completely in the nude while the other girls are in various stages of undress wearing outfits I specified in the last request, and lastly I want Chōchō to still be wearing her strap-on, but with the shaft being covered in Sarada and Sumires virgin blood, while Sumire and Sarada have a few small blood stains on their inner thighs. Lastly, I'm sorry that I made a request with four characters again. But I feel the impact of the cucking to be so much greater when it's both of Boruto's girls are doing it to him. That he can't just go to the other if he doesn't want to be cucked. Anyway here is a link to the refference image: https://i.imgur.com/YDTEGHF.png
27 Mar 2024 09:41

Ion124 to Rex :
Naruto with Tayuya and Hinata.
8 Mar 2024 18:01

yameyame738 to Rex :
Anbu Kakashi fuck Kushina by doggy position.
4 Feb 2024 05:33

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