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By Request from Mrstefan: JOEH: Shizune and Naruto http://img28027.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=47407_044_123_650lo.jpg THANKS

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Shizune,

Tags: Naruto Uzumaki, Shizune, Narutopixxx,

22 March 2020
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  • Mrstefan: Hi JOEH thank for this great pic :)
    4 Apr 2020 11:12
  • Tyrion: You just confirmed my words: You can't control own artists because they are an independent artists and may do everything what and when they want like don't accept and consider any member's request or...
    do requests from one and the same members over and over so all your efforts for improving the site and changing the system so it is more fair to everyone, just have no sense. Artist don't quit HK , they are quit pixxx-sites which technically means death for pixxx sites You still continue looking for new decent artists but can't hire any one because of crisis you have enough money to do this
    24 Mar 2020 05:29
  • testrowan: First in time fo crisis I am sure we all have better things to do then pointless discussion on chat boards, the only artist that works for me is Claudius and i never ha 1 single problems , bedsides the non finishes he uploads and the colors them later issue, rex is an independent artist, we change the system and still working on changing the system so it is more fair to everyone. and yes we are always looking for new artist that draw good quality art and dont post on other sites, or jus...
    t plain share all the images everywhere like some artist do right now, yes we know who you rare and it will stop, artist also dont quit but get put on other assignments right now we are working on games, we already released the alp[ha off one. there is a link on hentaikey as well for artis to send submissions and we review if the are someone we can work with, like we did with joe, but again your saying he doing the same as rex and he is a new artist that was given an opportunity to with us, and form what y understand from your posts he is causing the same issues as rex. so we will continue looking for new artists, but again yoiu have to understand right now we are in a wold crisis that affects everyone including artist, we all have families relatives friends and are worried about whats going and the people we care about. we will continue improving the site and value you opinions and try to put them in to place.
    23 Mar 2020 21:43
  • Tyrion: Hi, what i do see its the same company that try to spread lies with false promises You promised new artists for pixxx sites. Where they are? at least one new ? Old artists quit HK one by one while new...
    not coming, and you can't control a two own artists - Jeppu and Rex. Do you wanna say that's all is a false accusation too?
    23 Mar 2020 18:55
  • testrowan: hi, i am sure everyone's life is affected somehow how by the current situation in the world, fortunate as a online company we are not affect monetary wise at all. what i do see its the same people that try to create panic with false comments again. as for darkalx we never send them any offer, really not even familiar on who they are, again posting other sites and quoting false accusation.
    23 Mar 2020 18:30
  • Tyrion: HK don't have money to hire even a single new artist. Actually coronavirus and the incoming a global economic crisis may completely kill pixxx-sites
    23 Mar 2020 17:01
  • sabakunogaara: Well well, looks like no more artists are comming and judging by all this time darkalx may have rejected HK's invitation if they did.
    23 Mar 2020 01:44