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Jinchuriki Anal Exctraction Pt.2

By Request from AlMarians: A pics like the pt.1 but with Yugito Nii, but if is possible with more cum flowing out her ass

Characters: Yugito Nii,

Tags: Anal Hard, Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

17 March 2020
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  • AshuraMazda: Rex, you're a true artist!
    22 Mar 2020 07:35
  • Moonstarry: I don't want read your long speech and have deal with your paranoia, Just know your family will be rotting in hell and shagged by satan and that's all ! Bye little boy ?
    20 Mar 2020 12:29
  • Tyrion: If you wanna talk then let it. The story about "Moonstarry" and "Moonstarry." remember only you and nobody else, and you have any facts to confirm it only your memories. You are the most suspicious he...
    re because you are only who bought account only chating and nothing more while others members did it for requests. "VIP, favoritism" I took from sobakunogaara, probably he's araboo too if following your "brilliant" logic. Araboo was a crazy fan of fanpixxx who spamed a dozens requests there while I didn't a single one. You said I'm the only one who speeck english are at that same level as araboo but you wrong again, there is other members with the same English level as me but you don't cares, you're just obsessed with me and araboo. And finally I tired to talk to you I don't want have ay deal with you. So go to HK admin or HK support and ask let them investigate me, araboo and who and when downvoting and changing nicknames for cheating, and don't forget to bring CherryTornado with you. I think when they give you the results of the investigation then you will finally understand that your analysis and deduction is just piece of shit. I done with you. Good luck and go to hell with love
    20 Mar 2020 12:25
  • Moonstarry: Otherwise shut up. Listen, Cherry, since I didn't make any votes with this. I'll give you a vote, okay? End of story. Just end this chat, conversation, debate or whatever EVERYONE because it's going in circles. Done.
    20 Mar 2020 11:44
  • Moonstarry: Why are you changing the subject? I am addressing what you said to me so stop going on about your conversation with CT
    20 Mar 2020 11:43
  • Tyrion: I don't want read your long speech and have deal with your paranoia, Just tell me when and where I downvoted you and that's all !
    20 Mar 2020 11:34
  • Moonstarry: @Tyrion My speech is "too fucking long" because you make so many points that need to be addressed it ends up being long meaning you are the source and you keep talking. I won't talk if you won't simple as. So let me address this point you are making. Cherry said more things than I could have thought of, if I didn't agree then obviously I would fight back, nothing overprotective whatsoever. Like if a person is helping you, you don't attack them; truth is you are so overprotective of Araboo than a...
    nything. Most members complained about him but only you lick his backside, both of you always somehow use the words "VIP, favoritism, relationship, etc." Araboo, I mean Tyrion, you both insult Rex but you have lessened it because you don't wanna risk being blocked. How do I remember? You're seriously asking that? BECAUSE I read Cherry's comment and knew it wasn't for a start and then I looked at the name and noticed a dot/period mark at the end of the name. It's not rocket science! This conversation keeps going on because YOU forget half the stuff you mention and read. Copy absolutely all comments? What does that even mean? Save my ass, from what? You're no-one special to be saved by. I don't know how that is even such a thing. You try change your name to mine "Moonstarry": A) You can't. B) The only way of making it subtle was the dot. Get a textbook. You just downvoted her request as she said because when I looked at them yesterday the figures were different. I don't agree with the voting, they should remove it. As I said Moonstarry's old requests have been locked in. Stupid and pathetic? Let me get this straight you are saying I can't say those but you can? A few isn't half of it, there would be more that dislike you because of your indistinguishable character of Araboo. C0 and Sng also don't like you too. Toss in Kumekazu and Cherry too because you trash about them. Also, Sng doesn't like you naturally for ranting about him, he just don't like me because I tell him off for his comment ask methods. Before you, I have only cursed Crayon0 HOWEVER don't forget C0 insulted me multiple times way before I insulted him. The only other person is you and it's obvious that you are behaving stupidly. What about Araboo insulting Rex? Are you not gonna condemn that or insulting other users? That's because Araboo is blocked you resorted to holding back your tongue but still use your old Araboo ways of "VIP, favoritism" and end with "relationship". You are so obvious. No one else uses those. I don't need no hint, you're right. If I speak to a different user, don't butt your head it, sim-ple. You made another flaw. That's not the action that was meant, it means involving one other character aside from your chosen character. He hasn't done group sex in a while so I don't know why you assumed that would be done. Again, what you're describing is a mass group sex featuring up to 4+ characters: that won't get done. How about just two non lesbian characters? Ever thought about that, kid. No, you send in a request you want for your sake. I don't care for your solo naked pic, because if it gets done you will complain - and if it doesn't get done - you will complain! It's never a win for you. See even this turned out to be long because I was addressing your points (a natural circumstance) @ CherryTornado I don't agree with incest as well. It's like he doesn't know you can't copy someone's name, I tried to call my real account Moonstarry but failed. You need to put in some other letter. I had a feeling you were the Japanese girl!
    20 Mar 2020 11:29
  • Tyrion: Just tell me where and when I downvoted you. I don't voting on requests because it's pretty childish, you are only one who obsessed with those ratings, not me. Sven was only one who did yaoi pic for a...
    ll pixxx-history so you may keep ask your gay staff when and where you want but don't cry if any of gay requests never will be done.
    20 Mar 2020 11:10
  • Tukuyo: For starters, I was talking to Moonstarry so don't randomly start bickering at me. There was no story, it was a general comment. You clearly know which one you downvoted, cool cover story of bringing the Kiba/gay one into it. I know the Kiba one was at that number. I clearly didn't refer to animepixxx at all but seem you like stalking me → Number one, I'm not surprised at all because you don't voice for the other members to say whether they like it or not, that's your opinion (there are plenty o...
    of users that do), there have been requests by 3 other users in the recent year about gay requests so clearly they don't mind. Also, just because users don't request it doesn't mean they don't like it: plenty of images throughout the site also say about how good the guy looks in the image. This does not concern you *at all*, it's between me and the artist. If the artist don't want to do it then that's fine, if they do, that's another story. You're right, he may not have done any gay requests but he did something close enough. You really don't know, I didn't put the gay request up thinking it will get done. I don't mind if it doesn't get done, it was there to see. There literally was no need for your comment to me: just clutter to hide you downvoting and bringing in some gay opinionated nonsense. Please don't message me if I don't @ you.
    20 Mar 2020 10:57
  • Tyrion: Cool story CherryTornado And where the same I'm downvote you on purpose ? You mean your KibaSakura request didn't get +3 as others your ideas. Sorry Cherry this rating was there before we started fig...
    ht, or you talk about your yaoi request on Animepixxx, you'll be surprised but people here doesn't like gay-porn here. and Claudius never did any yaoi pic in his life so this requests may be never done
    20 Mar 2020 10:24
  • Tukuyo: @Moonstarry That was a long read. Once again, I'm sorry - it was just a one time thing - won't do. I don't know why people want incest so badly—they wouldn't fuck their real life family. Yeah, even I thought it would be obvious that the account don't match because I had a (.) Because he thought I was you, he used his two accounts to downvote me on purpose but the others accused are still the same. I guess I know what group you're talking about ヨロセィ:桜坊は好みじぇすからね
    20 Mar 2020 09:59
  • Tyrion: Your speech is too fucking long so this time I'll try to use less words CherryTornado used your nicknames to say everything exactly as you wanted so that's why ok with this you even protecting her/h...
    im even more than me doing to araboo. Why I'm not surprised How do you remember that his/her name was "Moonstarry." after he/she back nick to CherryTornado ? Did you copy absolutely all comments here or you have the screen of page or maybe you create this story in the last moment to save own ass? I do not voting for requests because is stupid childish and pathetic, everyone who did paid have to right to get their request done and respect this right, while the voiting for requests - only for kids. By the way I can't get you bough account as Moonstarry only for chating, not for requests, seriously, what a point? I may get blocked because a few members don't like me. But how about you maybe you forget but C0 & Sng and me don't like you too and I don't forget that no me that one who called other member a stupid, dumbass, bitch etc as you doing. By the way araboo was a way more aggressive and with more shitty talk than me but who cares you know better than others Take a hint I did said that there was a ton 'action' requests for some certain character with two and more characters but Rex mostly ignored those ideas to choice to do too many nude solos pics for this certain character. To prove my point next month I'll solo request for this character and you'll that this request will be done while other action ideas will be skipped as always.
    20 Mar 2020 09:51
  • Moonstarry: There is other evidence to suggest you are Araboo asides your complaints and request. Not just Araboo. Wait, you have problem little boy? You're the one who started accusing me based on your own opinions and now you contradict yourself by saying I can't call you that but you can call me others? Grow up, trying to twist the situation again. However, the others who complained have had better English than Araboo but you are at that same level. As I stated, your one-post therowan information didn't...
    add up. If the artist chose (BY CHOICE) then obviously it would get done because they chose it according to you as you stated. But, no! Hm, maybe how he hasn't been doing as much nude solos lately? Take a hint. I never said nude solos in general, I was speaking of that certain character who has WAY too many nude solos. Again, I used common sense and analysis. Not a one commment interpretation from a therowan (who oddly has the same phonetics as you). Tryna hide something buddy? How are opinions 'fantasies'? It's called deduction and has more basis than one boy's comment. Three accounts? No, sirry. I think your hammered up on the Cherry trying to use my username but failed. Take it this way, I DID have a subscription but it expired, HOWEVER my request is still in the early queue. Wake up call dummy, the requests have been deleted therefore MOST requests do not feature incest in them. If your logic is so correct, that would mean existing incest images would be removed in accordance to the new policy! But alas, they are still there. Hm, how often are there any requests of incest now? Not much. My claims don't go based on user's individual comments unlike yours; because you look bragging about the innocence of Araboo whereas everyone else disliked Araboo with how they argued with him in every comment section. "Neither you a"? Please make it understandable. Half your writing can't be comprehended. Again, listen: I said the continuous nude solo of a certain character, not all nude solos. How many nude solos have we had in comparison to so-called 'action' ones? No thanks, I'm not a fan of nude solos so why should I waste a request on it. You're so funny, as you say there is no way CT is me, it's just not possible. For starters, think of this: Why would I messaging you later, HALF-WAY, change into a different user and imitate the username I am using NOW just to reply to you???? It doesn't make sense, not even to me. That's like taking a car to the park, going home and getting a taxi to the park when your car is already there to me. I'm not having it, believe your delusional thoughts, I don't care but you are so hammered about it that I have to distinguish your misconception. Clearly what I just said above makes sense. Actually, I think CherryTornado has better English than me. Re-reading my comment and Cherry's it's obvious we aren't the same person. In Cherry's after comment she(?) mentions that she was trying to copy me but even reading her comment she has too many brackets I used fewer less, she DIDN'T use "CO", she didn't use CAPS LOCKS, also she try copy my speech pattern but failed and only copied my use of "Sng". That was the only one. You make loose claims. The only thing similar is her use of Sng, but as she states that she was trying to behave like me when using my name. Re-read my last few comments pleade. I even said I didn't REALISE she was using my name when I scrolled down. I saw my name and simply thought it was my old comment and you were replying to it. That's why I was shocked at you randomly accusing me, so I read her comment and was like "this isn't me" (as I said in my last comment). Specifically "You can’t copy a person’s username for one if they exist. Clearly that person for some reason wanted to answer you. I was shocked because until I read it I thought I didn’t write that". Why would I try to copy my name? It's my name lol. As I said, I didn't know WHO was using my name without confirming because I sure as hell wouldn't say "Hey @Moonstarry" which would look daft to myself. You're the dumbass. I didn't get that angry BECAUSE she said so many things that weren't in my head if I were to reply. I was happy she stood up but didn't like the impersonation part. She apologised after but I only saw this as I saw your comment so I'm not pressed. Also, why do you feel the need to insert yourself to these comments of me talking to Sng? You didn't have to put a @Moonstarry but you did. Why, because your comment would have been ignored, you can't start a conversation without involving others. This ain't a chat site boy. And actually, if you don't remeber, I said what if the impersonator is CO.. do you have memory problems dumbass? All these things I have addressed have been tossed over your head as if you didn't read it. ARE YOU STUPID? Read my last comment, again! Not strange actually, because if you weren't so blind, you would see my name in the comment section was "Moonstarry" whereas his/her name was "Moonstarry." Not so identical now, right? Wonder if you could even spot the difference. I can go rename myself "Tyrion.", now we are identical stupid idiot. Actually most of my comments have no ratings, I rate myself with one. Swear to God though, I don't know where the rates came from. I think Sng or C0 downvoted yours of course (right now us 3 don't favour you too, so -3 makes sense right?) Just in case you didn't notice, mine was downvoted by the same user! I didn't vote for my request though ? All I know is C0 has been going 'round and downvoting and the guys from the popular chat group hated it so they went to downvote his and since they are a group it makes sense. That really does sound like something you would do, I'm glad we agree. Although not everything was clear because of the bad English. Why don't you just go add to the votes? I honestly don't have a problem and don't care. My request has -2 votes so it would help. How come you don't mention the 'boring' thing again? Because you just got DEBUNKED with your false accusations. Keep this up and no-one will like you just like Araboo and you may get blocked. I don't like you, C0 & Sng & CT don't seem to like you either. See where this is going? You brew so much trouble in the comments; even now all I did was reply to Sng but you just had to shove your way into replying to me who was simply reasonably replying to him. God, I am tired of this conversation. You also ignored me saying "fighting over porn" = you're the kid. I merely told Sng with the way he behaves in the comments is very black-and-white, so he should behave and wait. But you, you come here as if it's a Black Friday sale and all the stocks going to go out. It's frigging sex images, get that into your mind. Why don't you just jack off and go your day instead of making life difficult for others. @CherryTornado I really don't like you having used my name (with the dot for someone reading) and believed you should have used your name. I'm not thank angry because you made very excellent points, really impressed. I applaud you. But please refrain from at least my name ? Don't worry about not being in the conversation, Tyrion just inserts himself into many conversation when not invited. Can I ask you something Cherry, are you the one in that popular group? Asking because that would explain a lot on my end.
    20 Mar 2020 08:08
  • Tyrion: So I'm araboo because my english bad, I'm complains and did asked Hinata, logically. By why araboo only ? why not every one who has bad english, at once complained or asked Hinata is not me too? Why?...
    Why I do not use a few accounts to talk to you as you doing ? OK mister Holmes you did said The accepted requests weren't selected by the artists, rather the system or another admin added them to the list, what your proof, who did said this ? Why Rex is getting tired because he is constantly doing nude solos of the same character; what your proof, who did said this ? Maybe admins and Rex personally told you about all the hidden issues of HK. It's all is your opinion so be so kind and stop call your own your personal fantasies and opinion as the truth. We should not buying the Therowan thing because who he is after all, he just a random guy who said the system would change and the system changed he said incest not allowed here and none incest pic wasn't published this year. Why I would trust him? Neither you a very serious person with three accounts who have a personal connect with artists and admins and know much more about HK than anyone here. Rex tired constantly doing nude solos of the same character that's why among of a ton requests for this character Rex constantly chose solo nude requests by ignoring many requests with some 'action' for two and more character. After all it's not because that drawing solo nude pics is much more easier for any artist than to draw pic 2 or 3 characters. To prove that point next time I'll ask and one solo pic to Rex too and I'm sure the solo pic never will be done Rex just reject it Maybe you should join to me too and you use your Moonstarry account to make few requests with some 'action' and one solo pic that never will be done That will be perfect proff that Rex is getting tired to do nude solos pic. And please forgive me How could I'm think that you and CherryTornado is the same person, it's just not possible even if you both wrote a very long posts, your English is exactly like CherryTornado, only you two are use words like C0 account, Sng, many ( ) and WORDS LIKE THIS, but that's is nothing, You didn't say nothing to CherryTornado when he started to use your name though any other normal member would not like it if someone else started using his name. You don’t dumbass after all. You very quickly answered me and Crayon0 but not a person who copy your username to talk to other members. Strange very strange how a system allowed to use two active identical usernames at the same time from two different accounts. Maybe it's because someone manipulated their own accounts and just didn't have two identical users on the system at the same time but it's fucking impossible, perhaps another bug in system, right? And it's just a coincidence that only your requests got +3 when requests that you don't like has a negative rating and all comments against you always with rating -3. After all voting for own requests and ruining rating of others is so childish, pathetic and ridiculous like little spoiled kid want to say "Hey look at those ideas they have a high rating because everybody like them and want to see it as soon as possible so you need to fulfill all those requests at first when those ideas is bad and low raiting because no one want to see them so never don't touch them, but not because some smart-ass have a few accounts and may very easily manipulate with ratings" you're obviously not going to do something like this
    20 Mar 2020 06:39
  • Tukuyo: @Moonstarry, Sorry for using your name (^_^') I just had the urge to reply because I believe I made some valid points. I guess I did end up trying to act in your manner. Once again, didn't mean to cause a ruckus as I thought my comment would be a chat ender. But for me to slot myself in when you didn't answer I thought I'd use your name because I would make points you may not have even recalled. Hope you understand, thanks and good day. Please refrain from swearing each other
    19 Mar 2020 23:54
  • Moonstarry: @Araboo, oops I mean Tyrion. Sorry for you, I am neither of those two. I don’t know why you would assume so; reading their writing one has terrible writing skills in comparison to the other. I do have my account on the queue list but you may find it if you actually look earlier on. However, reading the earlier one it does seem someone is trying to impersonate me for some reason. If it’s that C0 ass... You mean to say you are Therowan basically. ‘Jokes’ aside, are you plain stupid? Therowan says...
    an says incest isn’t allowed but you didn’t believe that and yet this site has tons of incest posts. I’m not buying the Therowan thing, honestly. You are just gullible. Where else had Therowan commented? Name me a different post. Can’t find one? Exactly. You think they would get someone with a difficult communication to relay that in English? Still doesn’t mention the ‘selected by artist’ for the accepted list - it merely states that he has his own freedom. Like the previous guy’s point, it would be completed. Duh. Hmm, reading and trying to understand what the other guy was saying is that in a some time period as to when your queue was done was also the time that the request deletion happened. Meaning that your request that would have been on the queue list was that Book request. If that’s correct by the admin’s decision. Because everyone had a remainder of one at the time for its implementation meaning it would be unfair to have kept ANOTHER one of yours when one was done like a week or so ago in alignment to the system. C0, of course using multis would have had more remaining. Honestly, I can’t believe you lot are fussing over porn. I merely replied to Sng, but you yet again involved yourself. AlMarians had actually been a member for over a year and a little bit; stop twisting things, AlMarians requests were not within 2 months; they were over the spread of nearly two years. Now you gonna call me AlMarian?—Pathethic. How would you propose he stole something server-side needing a credit update? Well, that so-called bug actually linked to the user ID so that when ppl also did it and kept their new username for a said time (when he also did it) it changed their existing request to such names as well. Once again, I am not that person you mention because that guy has a dot in his name, I don’t dumbass. Facepalms. You can’t copy a person’s username for one if they exist. Clearly that person for some reason wanted to answer you. I was shocked because until I read it I thought I didn’t write that. Okay, Araboo. Exactly, I noticed the change in that too, you just contradicted yourself. Araboo is you, end of story. Araboo cursed Rex way before such comments, it’s nearly two years worth of asshole-ness soon. Actually, the accepted list was created after Crayon0 came to pixxx. Around two months after was the accepted created. So, nope. Once again, system admins delete comments, you think Rex wouldn’t delete the comments by all the assholes who trash talk him? Why are you spinning a spiral with yourself? Did you forget no-one figured out that these other accounts were Crayon0 until a few months AFTER! Your English is exactly like Araboo’s! All you who complain have such bad English. You being stupid once again, let me explain: Crayon0 insulted a user’s request by saying it is boring and THAT IS THE REASON WHY IT SHOULDN’T BE DONE, SO I gave him an example of a request by him that could be called ‘boring’ asking HIM how it feels. “Dare I say boring” doesn’t equate to saying “boring” - it means if I am big-headed enough to call your request ‘boring’ too, in regards to him calling someone else’s one of course (from Old English language structure). Also, I didn’t say I don’t like it. I didn’t called your requests boring at all, I said Rex is getting tired because he is constantly doing nude solos of the same character; I also said artists tend to find singular images of characters bland (once again, didn’t say boring). So, I am NOT a hypocrite for starters. You are merely a manipulator! Tyrion the tongue-twister. Why are you derailing the conversation anyway? I had no problems with you at first but it seems like you enjoy provoking fights and inviting yourself into other user’s dialogues. I can keep debating all day boy.
    19 Mar 2020 22:43
  • Tyrion: Do not worry Crayon, soon Rex will come to delete all comments where been said something about your cheating to hide your cheating from others members and maybe will do another your request to compens...
    ate for your moral suffering caused by the insults of other members, just as always After all you both are more than just artist and member
    19 Mar 2020 20:20
  • Tyrion: @Sandew oops I meant Moonstarry or CherryTornado If you need the confirmation of "employee artist" thing then go to pic "Ino's Secret Mission" and read all comments there from therowan. So leave this...
    bullshit that requests weren't selected by the artists especialy, rather the system or another admin added them to the accepted list "All users have had their requests deleted in January" Cool story bro. Then tell me where is all my requests that I did in November 2019 tell my why requests from other member from November- October 2019 wasn't deleted even requests from stolen accounts by Cryaon still in the queue list. Only all my requests been deleted even Halloween one? I liked your story about makes a 3 month subscription across 3 years and you right I regularly took break with my subscription but you wrong I was member much more than 3 months per three years. And if you want to talk about long subscription without breaks means more requests be done then explain me how AlMarians who was a member only 2 months already got 7 requests done requests, Crayon is actually buying more subscriptions under old usernames, not stealing. Wrong again ! Crayon was that one who confirmed that all these accounts was stolen not bought, after all explain me why few months ago Crayon was able to buy 20 accounts while now he may buy only two? I tell you: few months ago there was some bug in the HK system when anyone could easily make certain manipulations on their profile to simply change their nickname then go to any site, leave any request there and then return to their profile again and keep changing their personal data to cheating system After all, you know perfectly well how it works, because that's how you just changed your name from CherryTornado to Moonstarry to answer me. Did you really hope no one would notice it ? But before system didn't worked like now when any change in your profile mean automaticly any change in your post requests, before everything work like you did some comment or requests under one name then this comment or request will be left under that name doesn't matter what you do with your profile then. That how Crayon has buying his dozens accounts, but I don't get why he used other members' names instead of creating new ones. Do you wanna know how do i know all this? Araboo was that one who published a long post where all this was explained in detail, and after this comment HK very quicly fixed this bug And araboo had started to insulting Rex after Rex had started ignore and delete all comments about Crayon cheating at the same he kept doing requests from Crayon like nothing didn't happened. By the way then explain me why Rex stopped to do requests from accepted list exactly in time whe Crayon has came on pixxx-sites? Because Rex didn't choose them, he choose to do as much as possible requests from Crayon by ignore a lot of others members, well that's explain why from all accepted requests for last months been done only one request from Crayon. And finally you're also another hypocrite, few days ago you did said this "and dare I say boring. How does that feel? Not nice. So next time respect another user's requests because they can say just the same to you" and now you dare to call requests from others members is boring and doesn't deserved to be complete only because you don't like it.
    19 Mar 2020 20:02
  • Moonstarry: Fucking bitch, no-one was talking to you so mind ya own business. For someone that says they don’t read, you clearly read. Once again, you’re not involved so crawl back up yo momma’s fanny
    19 Mar 2020 19:58
  • Crayon0: Both of ya stop Bitchin and just get a monthly subscription ya dumb sacks of shit, DEUCES!
    19 Mar 2020 19:49
  • Tukuyo: @Tyrion While his last request may have been October, he has actually had a few done on HP but they aren't tagged with him because that is before the Done section was introduced. He has had over 7 requests done by Rex, possibly more but I didn't track him (IIRC he had Some Trouble, Thank You For Saving, Kiba). Plus, what you're saying is slightly hypocritical in saying Sandew is a VIP when he/she only got her fourth one done recently – the same Araboo has on this site plus additional from other...
    r artists! Let's not forget he had more on HP too. I think everyone is straying away that the only artist is not Rex but also JoeH (yes, there were more before but irrelevant). Thing is you weren't a member for three years consecutively without membership expiring, right? I only saw spread out requests from you and not throughout the year (not in a spam way). Meaning you would have bought a membership and after it expired you didn't subscribe for a long time later. E.g. If someone makes a 3 month subscription across 3 years - it's not being subscribed for 3 years because that makes it sound longer than it actually is. The only ones I remember being subscribed consecutively with no membership breaks for one-to-two years were three: nyoruu, Sandew and I forgot the last one. But they still didn't match up to Sng. All users have had their requests deleted in January, only the ones who made their latest request from that date were kept; again, all users lost their requests except the recent ones and the old members who weren't subscribed again at that time. This means basically your latest one was also the most recent on the list kept. The reason that asshole's requests aren't removed is because he is actually buying more subscriptions under old usernames; It's more than one account. Individually, they are not so-called VIPs. Some of us had to do detective or analysis work to figure out his other names. He said he brought other accounts but the comment which I named them are still listed. Oh, Tyrion, that's the mistake part: by "stealing" he stole the usernames of old users by buying more subscriptions. The reason the comments were removed is because I and another user complained and then contacted the support network to have them removed. Why should the comment section be filled with negativity, especially by that person who is so delusional regarding everything we debated. None of his arguments were sound at all. So, not mysteriously removed but removed upon multiple complaints. I'm pretty sure Rex didn't know they were the same person - the guy used his C0 account to argue but his other account request got fulfilled. I don't remember if it was from the accepted list unfortunately - his other account Utencils has a similar request that's why. But I think the post we are on was also on the accepted list, if memory serves. I know for a fact Araboo wasn't blocked because of the argument with Crayon0, but rather because of Araboo's attitude. It was annoying a lot of us. Araboo was making hollow requests in a row during different months insulting Rex (the request were saying "Delete this request", "Rex sucks so and so", and curse words). The comments were so out of hand that Araboo cursed Rex regularly often in the comments WHILE arguing with others; I recall "b*tch, ass, cock-sucker, etc." Being used to insult Rex. I don't think I'm wrong because he stopped reading the comments after everyone became salty, that's why two requests which had a mistake on them weren't fixed even though it was mentioned in the comment section (e.g. Behind The Scenes). There were only two others who argued in the comments, also people argued with Sng & kume which is where the confusion began. Where have they confirmed this "employee artist" thing? As long as he works under the name banner, he is technically an employee too. By the way, I deny your last point, because when the accepted list was created it came with a series of requests in it already - majority were bland requests and featured Hinata (even still now the accepted list is majority Hinata). The requests weren't selected by the artists, rather the system or another admin added them to the list: why else do you think that those requests are still on the list and not completed? Rex didn't choose them. If we go to a candy store, you would choose the candy you like, right? Why would he choose those (boring) requests and not complete them? It obviously doesn't add up. Also, this comment is getting too long. The policy is that comments are: A) for commenting on the image post. B) shouldn't be too long. C) shouldn't argue or curse → all those arguing comments breached all those points naturally, so of course they were removed. These will be too (obviously because they're too long and don't relate to the image). Crayon is like a rat, constantly finding new holes of trickery is all.
    19 Mar 2020 17:55
  • Tyrion: @Moonstarry You right about Crayon, but Araboo: October 2019 the last time Rex did his request, he definetly not the part of Rex's VIP club. About my requests you wrong again, I being an member here a...
    bout three yearі and for all this time Rex had did only 2 my solo requests but I did many others requests including some 'action', but he just ignored everything, accepted only 2 solo requests. By the way after he made my last request for 14 January 2020, absolutely all my requests from all sites to all artists been deleted without any explaintions. it just gets ridiculous, at the same time one asshole steals the accounts of other members to spam his queries but his requests do not delete, nobody don't ban him, he is the main member of Rex's VIP club and everything allright to him. Do you remember your conflict with Crayon and how everything does ended ? A few days after your fight, all his comments where Crayon confessed that he was stealing other members' accounts, just STEALING, not BUYING, all these comments were mysteriously deleted and Rex made another request for him, And it was a request from the accepted list, rex are ignore all accepted requests about 5 months but made an exception for Crayon. By the way araboo was the first who had started the war with Crayon about his cheating and after this Rex had stopped to do requests from araboo. If you think that Rex doesn't know anything about Crayon cheating, you wrong again, other members also spoke actively about it, whole lists of stolen accounts were published and Crayon himself confirmed that it was all true but all these comments were also mysteriously deleted as if someone were struggling to hide the obvious deception while Rex keep doing requests for this cheater like nothing did happened And HK already confirmed Rex is not an employee artist who does what can when he does, and they do not have control over his work, so he is that one who make a final decision which requests will be done and from whom. If he want to do/draw something is he don want then he just ignore/skip it. So how you can see Rex and Crayon is more than just artist and member and you are absolutely wrong about them and their strange but obvious relationships.
    19 Mar 2020 15:25
  • Moonstarry: @Tyrion He doesn't really do much for members like Sandew. But I think Araboo and Crayon are good examples. Rex isn't trying to do Crayon's requests by the way, Crayon is like a prostitute with so many accounts and of course for security reasons they won't check on the user. However, Tyrion, I think the reason your request isn't getting done is because it's usually just Hinata naked and solo. Rex is tired of doing solo Hinata images – it's obvious because if you check Hinata's images over the pa...
    past year, it has MAINLY been nude solos or her posing or getting fingered. Frankly, even I'm tired of seeing her spread her pussy/ass bare. I think if you changed things up a notch with some 'action' you would get things done. That is what you ans araboo have in common - Hinata, solo/nude or lesbian. Most artists find portraits of singular characters bland and unappealing. Sng doesn't really deserve a request anytime soon with the way he complains and later sweet-talks in the comment section. I really respect artists like Rex because they are constantly bombarded with requests and they do have a life of their own too. He's just completing based on user, regardless whether it is a spammer hiding under another account (he wouldn't know, he's not a detective).
    19 Mar 2020 13:56
  • Tyrion: @Moonstarry You're right, sabakunogaara is a perfect example of hypocrisy and double standards but from other side he are looking how Rex every month doing requests for few special members over and over like Sandew, kumekazu, Crayon and also want to be a part of this VIP party. And in this time HK keep preach something weird about the system fair for all members. PS I bet, sabakunogaara gonna get another his request done by Rex and for this month too because the favoritism, oops I meant "fairne...
    ss for all members."
    19 Mar 2020 12:32
  • Moonstarry: Chill @sng, you have collectively more requests done for you than most people on each site. A lot of us only get one or two done for this alone, but if we total your completed ones done, it matches that certain annoying user's amount too. Please let us all get a turn and refrain from asking the artists as others don't often get theirs done
    19 Mar 2020 11:20
  • KebabAsia: I think we need more of male J. characters to appear. They barely have any images
    18 Mar 2020 08:52
  • konan541: Good job
    17 Mar 2020 20:53
  • kumekazu: Another great pic.
    17 Mar 2020 20:51
  • Tukuyo: Amazing as always! Should add some shine to the guys as well sometimes
    17 Mar 2020 17:34