Mei x Konan

Could you do your hot Konan and Mei Terumi(both girls with nipple piercing) in this pose please - . Both looking viwer one girl with a naughty face and other smiling, spreading their pussy, fingernails square long like this - (if you can) or just painted same color as anime, lipstick, eyeshadow etc.. Konan wear fishnet stocking and this shoes same color - (purple part jus color no crystals pls) and Mei a transparent stocking and this shoes - color same as her kimono.


To Artist: Antient

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  • TheFeetlover: Hello miss @Antient, how long you gonna take to finish my req? its almost one week.
    17 Feb 2024 16:57
  • TheFeetlover: And also have the girls looking at viewer, I forgot to mention that.
    13 Feb 2024 21:56
  • TheFeetlover: Pls add nipple piercing for both girls 👍.
    12 Feb 2024 23:35