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Hey Rex I know your probably swamped with request but I hope mine finds you I appriciate your time and was hoping you could draw a Picture in the 4TH RAIKAGE's POV as he is looking at "SHIPPUDDEN HINATA" while she poses like this for him https://www.deviantart.com/sentinelarts/art/Kasumi-Booty-829355872 , please If possible make this a full body drawing with her hair down and her wearing her sandals and also please give her black finger nails and toe nails with one ankle braclet and also give her a look of Seduction, please also have the raikages penis in clear view with pubic hair and him wearing a torn condom. Could the setting also be an all white room where the wall the RAIKAGE FACES IS A MIRROR. (So we could get another angle of the room). Thank you rex again for all your work. PS. If the idea is too much please do the attached image full body please.


To Artist: Rex

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  • ArchRogue: Please disregard this Request.
    24 Apr 2024 23:51