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You haven't changed a bit!

By Request from TinyDickCuckold: This time I'll go with somethmg simpler, I want you to redraw this image https://iili.io/JU5YnBS.png with this background https://i.imgur.com/LqvNVWu.png

Characters: Sakura Haruno, Naruto,

Tags: Renchi, Request, Narutopixxx, Hentai Key, Small Tits, Small Dick, Small Penis,

26 May 2024
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  • TinyDickCuckold: oh and their stance is a bit stiff. In the refference image they are leaning a bit on the soles of their feet, with their toes being angled slightly above the ground. with the change in facial expressions and the stance being a bit more stiff you have changed the vibe of the image from being playful and a bit cheeky to more tense and anxious.
    26 May 2024 18:16
  • TinyDickCuckold: You got Narutos penis size absolutely perfect though. This is abdolutely how smoll I want him to be in all my SPH requests going forward 🤏
    26 May 2024 17:56
  • TinyDickCuckold: both Naruto and Sakuras shoes are supposed to be black. Narutos headband is supposed to be black. Sakuras headband is supposed to be red. Sakuras skirt and elbow bands are supposed to be this slightly pinkish grey etc.
    26 May 2024 17:50
  • TinyDickCuckold: the outfit colors are wrong in parts, and I would have preffered the same facial expressions as in the refference image. Sakura: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/18084835992144347/ Naruto: https://no.pinterest.com/pin/567453621770576766/
    26 May 2024 17:43