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Watery fun

By Request from uwlover: Tsunade and Sakura are going to masturbate using dildos underwater at the bottom of a pool. Tsunade's pose will be similar to this: https://fairytailpixxx.com/post/sit-on-it-meredithy#post and Sakura's pose will be similar to this, but with a dildo instead: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/142048408667029504/901210671742611496/8523680fd0fe64b4743ebf12d00cf788.png Both are going to look up towards the surface and blow lots of bubbles while they have an orgasm. Angle is from in front of them.

Characters: Tsunade, Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Tsunade, Sakura Haruno, Narutopixxx,

6 January 2022
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  • uwlover: Nice, Some sexy ladies having some bubbly, watery fun
    7 Jan 2022 06:13