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Tsunade Screwed

Tags: Tsunade, Naruto Uzumaki,

10 July 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: Please no shit of that. We have already seen that by Cyberunique and Studio Oppai. That's just so wrong. The character doesn't have big tits as Tsunade, so that would be wrong. Plz Rex don't do that and bring shame on your name that draw the characters as they should. You guys on npixxx are one of the few places out there where you find pics with correct tit and ass size. So please keep it that way because I believe most of us love it in that way. :)
    2 Sep 2018 23:41
  • Amaterasu user: Damn, that's some hot shit. Long time since we have seen grabbing hair and side pic. Now that's really hot. The way she moans is just awesome and so lovely. I bet Naruto is about to spray his white juice right in her a-hole. :P Great pic, Rex! Keep it up! :D
    2 Sep 2018 23:36
  • Name: good
    14 Jul 2018 11:24
  • Respo: Fucking amazing I wish to see sakuras ass drawing by you as the size that you drawing tsunade and ino and hinata boobs Can you make her ass huge as tsnade boobs
    10 Jul 2018 18:46
  • Ryan: Tsunade,Sakura,Ino,and Hinata have perfect boobs.
    10 Jul 2018 17:36
  • AlMarians: Great pics Rex! Awesome! look at that boobs! wow And tsunade fucked in the ass is super hoot!
    10 Jul 2018 13:21
  • Alex: Tsunade let naruto do whatever he wants with her pussy. What a good boy
    10 Jul 2018 11:38