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Their Real Relationship 2

By Request from Mike42: Chōchō Akimichi(thin) fucking Sarada Uchiha with a strapon doggystyle like this: http://img.free4.thepluginz.com/999/photos/xiop04/1074772930_15.jpg unlike in the ref pic pls have the dildo properly penatrate, and dont make the high heels, ninja shoes or barefoot. give Chōchō a dominant look on her face and Sarada submissive. You can allso decide to make it futa instead of strapon but thats up to you. It be amazing to see some futa on here :)

Characters: Chocho Akimichi, Sarada Uchiha,

Tags: Strap-on Dildo, Lesbian, Hentaikey, Narutopixxx, Rex,

30 September 2019
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