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Testing Naruto's godfather

By Request from Rippy77: Young Hinata from classic "Naruto" sucking Jiraiya like http://www.imagebam.com/image/a448ef1130413754

Characters: Hinata Hyuga, Jiraiya,

Tags: Hinata Hyuga, Jiraiya, Narutopixxx,

7 January 2020
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  • Rippy77: And then explain who is a fucking Menma Hinata ? I guess it must be alternative Hinata from "Road to Ninja" movie, right ? I know it because I is a Naruto fan and may have idea about things like that. But people who is not in Naruto so much like me and you, probably never will get what you want, because it's even non-canon and never appeared in main story so don't cry if your another request won't be done. Do requests more correct and accuracy
    7 Jan 2020 23:14
  • Rippy77: Stop this bullshit and ridiculous your threats. I remember times when you had much worse situation with your requests and artists for few months didn't draw your requests but that's wasn't the reason to cancel your accounts but now when you have artists who regularly doing your requests you gonna to cancel your membership, seriously ? stop this bullshit it's even not funny, it's pretty stupid. Rex has the GOOD SENSE to not draw more than 2 requests 3 at most per month divided on sites, seriosly...
    only for first weaks of December he did 5 requests for Crayon on one site but technically that was from "differents" members and Claudius doing around 5 real requests from real member per month while main of his contents is reposting and editing his old pics so in this case doing 5-7 requests for different members per month won't be a serios poblem for for him. When JOEh for one week able to do 5 requests And again please forgive me for I and araboo is only one who is interesting in SMPixxx and seems JoeH also like this site although two others members who also did asked their requests there too. But wait a minute SMPixxx is only one site where you didn't any requests, that's explains everything. JoeH spend too much time on site that you doesn't like and doing requests from others members and in the same time he ignore dozens your requests on all sites He should dropped everything and start draw mostly your requests for sites that you likes and stop support sites that's you don't like, right ? By the way If Rex has the GOOD SENSE to not draw more than 2 requests 3 at most per month divided on sites, then why do you spam him so much on every sites if you know this is useless?
    7 Jan 2020 23:12
  • sabakunogaara: One last word.. just because someone post 'simple requests with short description' doesnt mean the artists HAVE to draw all at once or ALL IN A ROW. Sorry about the spamming and caps, have everyone a nice day.
    7 Jan 2020 20:52
  • sabakunogaara: Not to mention on sailormoonpixxx the FIVE latest pictures are ALL from you and araboo mister rippyie and ALL from the very same artist which I dont even have to mention his name. FIVE pictures in a row...
    7 Jan 2020 20:47
  • sabakunogaara: My complaint is about him constantly drawing you guys requests and not about you posting them, since this site doesn't have any rule about spamming requests anyone can post as many as they want but is UP TO THE ARTIST to decide to do or NOT to do. Like I said you guys tactics may work with JoeH but will never work with Rex and Claudius. You claim Rex constantly draw requests for cranyon and/or his favorite requestors but at least he has the GOOD SENSE to not draw more than 2 requests 3 at most p...
    er month divided on sites, unlike JoeH, and Claudius does only 1 request per member no matter how many they post(and they try) and this is why Claudius and animepixxx isnt flooded with 5-10 requests from the same member. When JoeH first arrived me and a few other members posted ONE request for him, ONE on fanpixxx, onepicepixxx and ONE here on narutopixxx.. now guess who FIRST posted 3 or more requests AT ONCE in almost all sites? please go there and check tell me later. I wont complain about this anymore for 2 reasons ..1° nobody cares and 2° my membership is ending and i probably will not renew, now you guys have fun on messypixxx.com or rippyaraboojoehpixxx.com.
    7 Jan 2020 20:42
  • Rippy77: You know sabakunogaara you really start to annoying. Please forgive me I already have more than 20 requests divided among sites because I didn't ignoredof all pixxx artists and had asked requests to everyone of them while you ignored of half of all pixxx artists and spammed one and the same artists over and over. Please forgive me, I don't ask a very long description requests with hundreds details like you always to do, I do ask mostly a simply ideas with minimum details, What a Jerk I'm. Maybe...
    you didn't noticed but now JoeH regularly do and your requests too but I didn't noticed that you had started to crying of sabakunogaarapixxx, interesting why? Stop play a victim for own sake "Look at me I so poor unhappy member, nobody don't want make my requests because I sweet fair persone who don't flood the queue list with a ton of my requests as other beggars-spammers to do! Stop this bullshit, If make a raiting of main spammers-beggars you will be in top 3 after araboo and Crayon, because for one day you may make more requests then I for whole year, for example JoeH had made one of your request and then you make a ten new requests for him. And the same shit you do to every artists that is interesting to you. You should stop it neither very soon other members will be complains about your endless spam
    7 Jan 2020 18:12
  • Rippy77: Thank you very much JoeH for another great pic
    7 Jan 2020 18:09
  • sabakunogaara: Good work mister administrators, you hire new artist specially to fulfill rippy's and araboo's wishes *thumbs up*, they already have more than 20 requests divided among sites. But you guys and him really doesnt care because I think this 'ruleless' site REALLY FAVOR cheaters and beggars. So let's us join their club and spam some requests among sites then, it's just like the saying ''Can't Beat em, join them'.
    7 Jan 2020 16:12
  • sabakunogaara: Good work Joeh, rippypixxx.com or should we say rippyaraboopixxx.com ?. Now we sure know who are joeh's favorite beggars.
    7 Jan 2020 15:53