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By Request from Sandew: with naruto uzumaki (shippuden) and sakura haruno (shippuden) wearing only the nurse hat : https://images2.imgbox.com/31/63/uP9CYTS6_o.jpg With a romantic kiss, Naruto is using the headband ninja and the link of the reference: https://images2.imgbox.com/73/3a/WkZpzaA8_o.jpg

Characters: Naruto, Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Naruto, Sakura Haruno, Renchi, Request, Hentai Key, Hentai, Pixxx, Narutopixxx, Kissing,

2 July 2020
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  • SennaFan: @Renchi It's okay, there's no need to rush. Just take your time to focus on your family. I'm sure there are people in the same situation as you in this covid-19.
    27 Jul 2020 15:17
  • Vsostav: @Renchi Do you really think it's funny ? Your the accepted list getting only bigger every month just like your breaks without any updates but you still keep to accept new requests. Your the accepted l...
    ist is a bad joke. Don't accept any requests if you do not plain to draw anything and stop teasing members with your lame bad jokes
    20 Jul 2020 17:21
  • TentenSakura7777: Nice work my friend! Keep up the great work!
    2 Jul 2020 09:10