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So That's What This Book Is About!

By Request from Tyrion: Adult naked Hinata reading Jiraiya's book something like there https://www.imagefap.com/photo/1730152726/#2 but she fingering herself with one hand and going to cum while shocked Boruto looks out of the door

Characters: Hinata Uzumaki, Boruto Uzumaki,

Tags: Fingering, Nude, Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

14 January 2020
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  • kumekazu: Damn Rext hat must be hard, take of your mom we can wait a little more.
    2 Feb 2020 20:24
  • Crayon0: Its okay rex glad to hear your okay
    2 Feb 2020 12:58
  • Dokuu1: Don't worry about it,health is the most important thing, you did what you had to do. hope that you and your mother will feel better.
    2 Feb 2020 04:27
  • pixxxpro: Sorry for my absence. 2020 is not going well for me as of late. First I fell sick for almost 2 weeks,(fever, cough and I spit blood) so the Doctor advised me to take a break and rest. Days after that, my mom had a stroke so me and my siblings had to take care of her. She spent almost a month in the hospital. But it's all good now. She was released today. -Rex-
    2 Feb 2020 03:07
    1 Feb 2020 15:40
  • HarleyXQuinn: @ sabakunogaara: Don't worry if Rex truly had quit HK then majority of members who was interested in pixxxs will leaving HK too, so problem about the spam/flood of requests gonna be solved itself. Actually artists may stop the spam/flood of requests if they start ignore flooders and fairly select the requests from all members one member may get only request done for month or two and then must wait in turn doesn't matter how many requests has been requested, then people will see that spam is not...
    working and many of them will stop the flood of requests. But unfortunately, artists mostly looking for simplest requests and doesn't cares who did asked it so that's why we got in this situation where a spammers get more than others, even your HERO Rex was OK with drawing more pics for spammers if they did asked simply requests for some special characters. Just check sites and you'll see that. And don't compare whentai and HK: on Whentai artists working as freelancers and may do pics when and how they wanted, may do one -two pics and then disappear for months and they draw pics as the commissions so people have no reasons too bitching if you don't like something then go or pay to get what you wanted. But on HK you must pay to get account and you expect to get something for those money and you won't be happy if some artists will be come and draw something when and where they wanted, for example you bought access for a month to get something from some artist but that artist didn't update anything for all period of your membership, how do you like that? And by the way as usual artist leaving HK not because of pressure and members spamming requests but because of money. You have to noticed that all artists before quit HK as usual doing less and less pics every months, doesn't matter how many members crying and how many requests has been done.
    27 Jan 2020 18:18
  • sabakunogaara: @Harley: In one thing i agree with you, they should try to bring the Darkalx his art is great and very close to Rex's and some of his pictures you can even mistake as rex's art, but just bringing new artists wont work thet gotta to do something to stop the spam/flood of requests or no matter how many artists they bring nothing will change and in the end they'll just quit, none artist like to work under pressure and members spamming requests tons of requests every week or every day, even this...
    JoeH seems to be leaving soon as well. Rex is a HERO for being here enduring trolls and spammers for so many years. These sites are messy no rules no laws, nobody will work here for long, look whentai exemple there is no trolls and flooders and new artists keep comming.
    27 Jan 2020 15:11
  • Crayon0: REX COME BACK!!!
    26 Jan 2020 16:08
  • HarleyXQuinn: @sabakunogaara Well now I clearly can see why do you spam the suggestion boxes but still I can't get why do you do this to Rex if this trick doesn't work to him until you change your name to every requests then Rex is losing his anti-spammer skills and draw many pictures in row for a one member without any problems even if all that requests will be looks very similar and been made in row. If talk about JoeH you have to lower your expectations and high demands on him because he is not as good as...
    you imagine if you make a request for Rex and there is a special link then when he will use that link and will try to change the data from your link to make the proportions and clothing close to the original characters. When JoeH looking mostly a solo requests and just takes and copy everything from the link without any changes, changing only the character's heads, sometimes I think he is a editor, not artist and thanks his method of work we got a MILFy Kasumigaoka Utaha and Sakurajima Mai, busty Yachiru and Misaka Mikoto, but he even don't try to adapt the clothes from links to original outfit of characters for example he did drawn Rem in pink-white striping high stockings because requestor gave him link with girl in those stockings, she wear stocking in anime but it's white high stocking without any pink strips. That's why you need be very careful when you do requests to JoeH, You should find links with the models with very similar body proportion to original characters and to explain to him in detail what clothes the characters should be dressed in, preferably using links too, but it will be very troublesome because JoeH doesn't likes a long description requests. Anyway If Rex has already done with HK and even i if not then HK should start to looking for a new artists for pixxx because two or one artists is not enough to have deal with 7 pixxxs. Maybe they should to try bring back the previous artists who still keep drawing somewhere else. I don't think they a chance to bring back Lexus and if be honest I don't want to see artist on pixxx who will be update 1-3 pics per month, mostly FairyTail themed, even if this artist is very skilled, maybe they should ask Joe or Aidan aka Yatot or somebody from whentai or hentai-foundry. For Narutopixxx would be nice try to recruit DarkAlx who every month doing a huge bunch of Narutothemed pic. But if be honest I guess HK just don't cares of pixxx anymore so that's why 2020 will be the last year for all pixxx-sites
    26 Jan 2020 10:24
  • sabakunogaara: @Harley: You can think whatever you want. I dont mind artists skip my requests to draw for members who are still waiting or dont have any yet or to draw one request with his favorite character really, skip but later please back to it and not skip and forget or skip to draw for special members just because their requests are easier or by no reason. Specially members who already got their request done.
    25 Jan 2020 20:55
  • sabakunogaara: @Harley: Man I wont be discussing with members on hentaisites and this is my last reply for you, He did 2 requests for me ''in a row'' on OPixxx cause there was no requests for him there and mine were the only ones posted, and even so they weren't consider ''in a row'' because one was posted december 17th and the other on 29th 22 days difference between posts and if I am not mistake they were posted SEPARATELY. ''In row'' is when someone post 2,3 or more pictures for the same person at the same...
    or multiple days like he did for araboo on december 18th and 19th ''Utaha's'' picture, orion december 23th ''Miku's and Kurisu'' two pictures at same day<--- This is considered ''In Row'' not to mention the third picture he posted for araboo few days after I complain about it. Like I said if JoeH is going to draw my requests with the same quality he usually draws for EVERYONE I'll gladly thanks him otherwise if he's going to use poorly art pictures worse than Claudius(no offence he does good or I wouldn't ask him requests) then yes he better just forget about them. If there are rule then please lets follow but if there is not then the artist must treat everyone with the same 'courtesy' no distinction, if you draw 10 pictures for a member because he posted or better saying spammed 10 requests in a row for you then you MUST DRAW 10 pictures for the next member who spammed 10 requests in a row for ya, simply as that or there will be fight and complaint. This is what I think.
    25 Jan 2020 20:31
  • HarleyXQuinn: @HarleyXQuinn, No I not confusing you with somebody else. JoeH already did 5 requests for you next one will be done on the next week, more been done only for araboo and ripply, and you would have received even more if you hadn't asked him to skipped your request on previous week, and he did 2 requests in a row for you at OPPixxx, and he also skipped a some requests from his beloved beggars too, so you're all on the same boat, everything is fair. As everyone can see JoeH doing a special service...
    for you just as he doing to araboo, riplly and orion0825 because you are a part of JoeH's special VIP club, stop deny true facts, And if you like Lexus aka Cowboy Tanaka and Joe so much then why don't you financially support their patreon-sites especially Joe with his patreon profit around 300$ per month? Maybe because Lexus patreon is almost dead with one-three updates per month and all your requests there won't be interesting to any of artists until it won't be commissions. But one of your commission will be cost 50-100$ and to get done of all your requests from pixxx you'll be have need about 2000$ Sounds not very enticing and fun
    25 Jan 2020 18:27
  • Crayon0: But i hope he takes suggestions even on his Patreon because thats one of the main reasons as to why he has fans
    25 Jan 2020 17:57
  • sabakunogaara: @HarleyXQuinn, you must be confusing me with somebody else. Me in Joeh's favorite list? hahaha must be another play from The Joker's girlfriend I suppose xD. Go check on fanpixxx he JoeH skipped 98% of the requests adressed to him from 2019//12/18 to 2019/12/26 and thats includes mine, except from his beloved beggars and one or two for random members, I had to repost everything again he did it because he wanted on purporse and I mention about that before when he was about to draw 3 requests in a...
    row for araboo I said ''let's see when you get in my turn if you'll skip or draw 2-3 requests in a row for me as you did for the others'' and he skipped all, simple did by no reason or because he didnt like the request, no even a single comment like 'long description' or 'no incest' or 'link broken'. Its just speculation but if Rex really quit then he will be doing the right thing he should do just like lexus aka cowboy tanaka and joe did create his own patreon page to earn his own cash and won't need to deal with trolling and flooders. And once AGAIN I started spamming the suggestion box because it was the only way I found to fight against the spammers who start spamming first than me, since my old username BIZZARRO.
    25 Jan 2020 17:27
  • HarleyXQuinn: If Rex really leaves pixxxs then a lot of members will cancel their membership and leaving HK because Rex was that reason why so many people became a members. But if he will create a patreon account I don't think that there will be a suggestion box where some followers will be spam his with a hundreds ideas just like they do it right now on pixxxs. Also he will be very keen to increase his fan base on the patreon so he will try to make as many diverse ideas as possible from as many diverse peopl...
    e as possible so no more special treatment for some special followers, maybe he even begin to draw content that is forbidden on HK like tentacles, etc. So some of his followers from HK will start to whine very quickly Hey Rex Why don't you do my queries every few weeks like you did before on pixxxs? @ sabakunogaara i mean JoeH is 'busy drawing for rippy, araboo, orion0825 and you' JoeH has accepted the new banch of requests and there again one and the same names rippy, araboo and sabakunogaara just as almost every fucking week. I checked and clearly can see you as a part of JoeH's VIP-club and why do you do complains I have no idea. Maybe because he don't draw a two your requests per week or what? By the way if Rex is one competent artist left who don't draw for single or couple members only then why do you spam him with a bunch requests for every single week. Dude in this moment you are the most aggressive greedy flooder here. If Rex and Joeh will start doing at least one of your queries every week then they will be need a half of year to finish of all your requests. Go check the sites and tell me if I am wrong.
    25 Jan 2020 16:56
  • Crayon0: Yea if Rex leaves then its officially over, but i just hole if he leaves here than he doesn't at least stop drawing as a whole, he should just branch out to Gelbooru, rule 34 or make a patreon
    25 Jan 2020 16:32
  • sabakunogaara: Then GG Pixxxses LOL. He is the only one competent artist left who don't draw for single or couple members only if you know what I mean cranyon and probably the only reason of why FEW people still renew membership for this messy site including me. If he quit GG pixxx, and I'll be the first one leaving for sure. And Harley correction.. you mean JoeH is 'busy drawing for rippy and araboo' right, because all he does is to draw one or two requests for differents members and 5-10 pictures for araboo...
    and rippy, tell me I am wrong, check the sites and tell me if I am wrong. If Rex quit then the adms better to change the sites names for araboorippy77pixxx.com cuz the site belongs to them :). Unless they bring REAL artists like Lexus and Karazu who never differentiated members or their requests and NEVER rejected one request the hardest they were.
    25 Jan 2020 15:42
  • Crayon0: But rex if you do leave can you PLEASE, create a patreon so we can still follow you? You know that i'll pay whatever you want
    25 Jan 2020 15:32
  • Crayon0: If Rex leaves then what?
    25 Jan 2020 15:19
    25 Jan 2020 15:19
  • HarleyXQuinn: And who are these ANYBODY? At the moment, there are only two artists Rex and JoeH who continue to draw requests when everyone else has left the PIXXXs, and if I'm honestly not sure about Rex, he's still with us or already quit HK too. This sounds pretty ridiculous but it seems like the main pixxx-site is left without an artist when JoeH very busy drawing for all the other sites basically looking for one and the same types of requests from one and the same members, and I won't be surprised if 202...
    0 will be the last year for all pixxx-sites
    25 Jan 2020 11:58
    25 Jan 2020 05:00
  • Crayon0: Okay nevermind i can get in
    15 Jan 2020 22:37
  • Utencils: Rex I can't log in with my other account, Why not? Thats dumb, I didn't do anything but make a request and pay
    15 Jan 2020 20:10
  • kumekazu: Nice resquest, this is like sequel to that episode Boruto got that book.lol
    14 Jan 2020 22:01