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By Request from bsero: The exact image in the following link except with with Naruto (Anal) and Sasuke (Pussy) instead. https://imgur.com/a/77mg4wE Sakura with full Shippuden clothes on except shorts/underwear, Naruto and Sasuke can be naked.

Characters: Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex, Threesome, Double Penetration,

14 October 2020
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  • Assmus.Daniel@arcor.de: Jesus Christ, Chitty, I haven't seen so much autistic screeching for a long time
    16 Oct 2020 20:33
  • Chitty: Why the fuck are you talking to me when you don’t have 1/4 the amount of requests done that i have, you stupid bitch. And again there is a rejected list for a reason, there are plenty if people that h...
    have made THEIR own request and still got rejected because of the contents, this is one example of a pic that should have gotten rejected but the requester shouldn’t have to wait another 30 days after his request is rejected, he should be able to request again to the same artist and keep going until the artist accepts a request that is suitable and makes sense and isn’t a waste of fucking time
    16 Oct 2020 14:15
  • EliteXeos: Well clearly you do care who’s request get’s done because you’re still here whining and complaining over the contents. This is what the REQUESTER wanted for their image. That is THEIR choice. You have your own opportunities to make requests with what you want to see. So shut the fuck up and go do that.
    16 Oct 2020 12:16
  • Chitty: No, my point is i don't fucking care who’s request gets done as long as its a good position and not a lazy fucking rehash you dumbass
    15 Oct 2020 20:39
  • EliteXeos: So basically your mad because someone else’s request got done and you don’t like the contents. It’s fucking hentai, sit the fuck down and stop acting like your better than everyone else.
    15 Oct 2020 17:57
  • Chitty: My point is a lazy fucking request like that should be put in the rejected list because Rex could be spending his time drawing something better, now stfu
    15 Oct 2020 13:42
  • EliteXeos: People are literally choosing to have this as their request if you actually read. Regardless if it appears like edits that’s what was wanted. Stop complaining and just focus in making your own requests Chitty.
    15 Oct 2020 03:52
  • Chitty: As i was saying Rex please stop drawing pics that you drew literally a year ago, i’m ok with the old remakes but the more recent ones just look like edits
    14 Oct 2020 14:51
  • EliteXeos: It’s always the same few members every-time, bitching and whining as if they’re better than others.
    14 Oct 2020 14:32
  • EliteXeos: What does it matter to you if there’s no creativity in the requesters choice? Pretty much all requests use a reference pic so the originality is pretty much nil to begin with.
    14 Oct 2020 14:31
  • Chitty: Secondly why even accept the requests Rex if they are just going to sit there? Lmao its like your trolling
    14 Oct 2020 04:50
  • Chitty: First off this is a pathetic waste of a request, just a rehash of an old pic, literally no fucking creativity from the requester
    14 Oct 2020 04:49