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By Request from wraith: Can you please use your magic touch to enhance this to perfection? https://thehentaiworld.com/hentai-images/haruno-sakura-naruto-41/

Characters: Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Hentaikey, Narutopixxx, Rex,

18 May 2020
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  • Utencils: Yea i guess so lol
    19 May 2020 03:18
  • OpenMind: @ Utencils: >Shrugs< Well... 'can't give you an accurate answer but... There's a saying that goes "Simplicity is beauty..." Maybe that's it; maybe wraith one who made the request just didn't feel in the mood for something hard. Maybe he was in the mood for something teasingly seductive. And maybe that's why Rex accepted this request: It's relatively simple and maybe after all that sex he has drawn Rex was just in the mood for something tame.
    19 May 2020 00:49
  • Utencils: Same thing with this pic...nicely drawn...but C’MON REALLY?...what kind of request is this
    18 May 2020 18:37
  • TentenSakura7777: YUUUEEESSSSSS SAKURA AND HER SEXY ARMPITS!! GREAT JOB REX!! BROVO!! Nice remake from Darwin's 1,000% better
    18 May 2020 18:26
  • konan541: beautiful
    18 May 2020 16:13