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By Request from StrikingLee94: Sakura Haruno(boruto) ficking a guy in a lab coat, just like this picture: https://cdni.pornpics.com/1280/7/39/41174657/41174657_230_2b5b.jpg And if you could include the butterfly and judge me not tattoos that would be awesome. Please and thank you for the consideration ☺️☺️

Characters: Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Sakura Haruno, Tattoo, Narutopixxx,

2 December 2021
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  • DylanDanville: @StrikingLee94 how do u get ur requests done quicker? Cause u seem to be getting accepted 30x faster and more reqests done. when i have to wait weeks just for 1
    5 May 2023 17:46
  • StrikingLee94: damn that was fast. great work. thanks ???
    3 Dec 2021 00:36