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By Request from kumekazu: This pic:https://preview.redd.it/msepailu3m941.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=add4072a35eae3133077d75d28f1aede85af9ba2 With Sarada Uchiha complelly naked, keep that ahegao face, make the guy's right arm bandaged(to look like it's Naruto).

Characters: Sarada Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki,

Tags: Full Nelson, Ahegao, Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

20 February 2020
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  • sabakunogaara: Man as you say 'we are lucky' but what about the others who are not huh? think about the members who still haven't got one single request man even from JoeH, their deserve their requests as well not only the 'lucky ones'. I may be getting my requests more frequently now but I passed MONTHS without get anything sucking finger and watching with my mouth shout while cranyon, natsu, araboo, rippy and the others were frequently getting their requests fulfilled specially from Rex and I never complaint...
    cuz I i knew I would be 'bullyed' when the comments were still open for everyone when my nick used to be BIZZARRO. Everyone deserve their requests man not only me or you or any other and even with this new 'system' I'm pretty sure not everyone will get their requests, even if the artist draw 3 pics per weeks in Rex's case 2 sometimes none, lets say 3 pics so 3 x 4 = 12.. one site gets 1-3+ requests per day at least do the math... and THAT assuming the artists will NOT skip requests what probably will never happen. But dont worry harley all those 'rules' wont last long till sites become messy again with artists quitting and start ignoring member requests or not drawing anything or draw but only requests for their beloved member then disappear and come back next month to draw more requests for the same person :).
    22 Feb 2020 17:44
  • HarleyXQuinn: My congratulation sabakunogaara You won ! Joeh will be accepting only one from any members doesn't matter of pixxx from now everything is fair especially for some lucky guys like you, Natsu7, kumekazu, Sandew, Mike42, Crayon0 and few others who every 1-2 months are get their requests done by Rex but for somebody like me everything looks just meh because from now I may expect only one simple pics from Joeh per month and very small chance to Rex gonna do any of my requests. Just incredible great...
    perspectives By anyway after one two months you gonna starting bitching when you'll see that Joeh start to doing about 10 merbers requests and other time he will be do only ideas when Rex with his new method of selections of members requests and speed of updates one pic for week will start skip almost all his requests then you'll start bitching again what everything does wrong because you'll realize that the earlier you could get more than with the new policy. But if talk about me now I have to choice to keep paying 30$ per month to get only one simple pics from Joeh per month and shitty chance to Rex gonna do any of my requests or pay 30$ to buy 2 pics from Darkalx on gumroad. As for me the choice is pretty obvious
    21 Feb 2020 18:43
  • HarleyXQuinn: @sabakunogaara If you want to know what Rex like-dislike to draw then just look which kind of requests he accepted and which he ignore and you'll get this: Rex like to draw requests based on arts of others artists, requests without references just like in kumekazu's case and he love to ignore almost all requests based on original real porn links, 3D models just as in your case, he doesn't like have to deal with fetishism and don't forget about lotto and favoritism and you'll see everything about...
    his method of work with requests. his true actions speak of him far better than any of his words. You want more communication between you and Rex but for what? Do you wanna hear more sweet but fake fairytales from him and other ? Like "original arts/illustrations", "Artists will make your request in turn", "Accepted list", "list of active artists", "Your Feedbacks are extremely important." etc, wasn't enough for you yet? C'mom dude stop being so naive and blind, everything is freaking obviously
    20 Feb 2020 21:17
  • sabakunogaara: Here is one exemple of simple request I asked for Rex but then I had to ask JoeH to be made http://5226c54bf133f91.fairytailpixxx.hentaikey.com/post/flare-night-on#post the only thing I asked was to add shoes cuz i think it would look odd without shoes but great with them. Meaning all artists skip requests by their own reasons we will never know.
    20 Feb 2020 20:32
  • kumekazu: Rex made this request for me on bleach pixxx on new year: http://e482e1e4758f968.bleachpixxx.hentaikey.com/post/happy-anal-year He made it without a reference pic, the only pic i use was the hat i wanted him to use on Ichigo.
    20 Feb 2020 19:29
  • sabakunogaara: Man just because one request/suggestion is simple does not mean the artist WILL DO this request, I have lot of simple requests with 2 and even 1 character for Rex that never were done :(, what can I do? cry and complain won't help, repost? maybe, I just move forward and try to post something he'll like and draw sometimes it works and sometimes does not cuz since there is no communication from him then how the fuck should I know what is wrong with me or my requests? I know he doesnt like feet fe...
    tishe requests but sometimes i try to post but I do know there is a high probability he'll ignore, sometimes he likes to draw couple and thats all. If I really want to see one specific request and I cannot get it from him I'll just commission another artist simple as that. I'm here for 3 years I think and I haven't seen half of the requests I wanted to see from him.
    20 Feb 2020 19:18
  • konan541: good job
    20 Feb 2020 19:12
  • HarleyXQuinn: No I'm pretty serious. Actually I have nothing against to see pics like this but not when majority pics is just arts that traced from original works of others artists and as you said all artists do that all the time not only Rex and is very commom someone use links with works from other artists but others artist regularly doing requests based on non-others artists pics references Joeh do a lot simple requests but a half of his pic is original based on real porn links. And now looks on Rex and hi...
    s updates for last months almost all his fulfilled requests was based on arts of others artists, He got a lot request based on original non-hentai references but almost all those requests was skipped. Half year ago to do a such requests wasn't problem for him but now all such requests only for his ignore list. Crayon cheating was very successful to Rex only because of hentai-arts-based requests. I know I did a lot requests to Rex by use links with works from other artists because use real porn links with Rex is just waste of time and best way to stuck in his ignore list
    20 Feb 2020 18:48
  • sabakunogaara: Eh c'mom Harley either you're trolling or being naive or just playing around now. It is called REQUEST artists do that all the time not only Rex and is very commom someone use links with works from other artists or sites for references instead describe every detail, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And Rex DO create his own pictures based on position created by himself all the time just like this one posted couple weeks ago https://fanpixxx.com/post/love-and-flame#post . And besides...
    hentai is hentai man people will copy, request, edit whatever and no artist or site is free of that.
    20 Feb 2020 17:19
  • kumekazu: Holy motherfucking shit,this thing is great.
    20 Feb 2020 12:21
  • HarleyXQuinn: "if you wanna something from Rex than you should ask something simple based on arts of others artists because to draw something original is too hard for him" thank you very much for for prooving my words again Rex
    20 Feb 2020 05:58