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Please surrender, I don't want to hurt you further

Posted by Renchi

By Request from TinyDickCuckold: Temari holding TenTen bridal style, while floating up in the air standing on her giant fan. The background is the indoors arena of the chuunin exam, Temari's face is really close to TenTens with a tender look in her face, while TenTen is blushing like mad. I want TenTen in her classic pre shippuden outfit, you know the one with a pink sleeveless top. But I want her oufit to have quite a few cuts, some in suggestive places. Like on in her chest where her nipple slips through, and I want the yellow straps holding her shirt together to be all cut, so that the shirt happens to hang open just enough so we see her boob. Also I want her body to have tiny scrapes and a few cuts, but no blood. https://files.yande.re/sample/732e98aee1ed9c292aa4fd8ca7ed8b94/yande.re%2040603%20sample%20naruto%20tenten%20vector_trace.jpg While I want Temari in her second pre shippuden outfit, and I don't want any battle damage on her outfit, nor do I want anything revealing. She is defeating TenTen after all, and I do want it to feel like Temari is entirely in control of the situation. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f5/96/b4/f596b42877aa4edb166a5c035d6d4907.png

Characters: Temari, Tenten,

Tags: Renchi, Request, Narutopixxx, Hentai Key, Lesbian,

17 June 2023
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