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By Request from SennaFan: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1706813 Have Mabui (on mattress) Ryuuzetsu (on top) on a pink mattress and purple dildo based on the link. Include their busty size and pink nipples.

Characters: Mabui, Ryuzetsu,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex, Lesbian,

10 October 2020
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  • Dokuu1: Soo...some weeks ago a bunch of request got accepted one of mine was with them, they all got completed besides mine,now a new batch of request got accepted and mine seems forgotten...why is that? this happened to me TWICE i have another request "accepted" sitting there for i'd say 9+ months...this feels pretty shitty considering i've been a recurrent member for years now and my last completed request was more than a year ago. Can an admin or someone tell me if at least one of them is getting do...
    ne? is it just a matter of waiting a little bit more or what? Hopefully someone can understand and answer me that would be really appreciated,thanks.
    10 Oct 2020 19:04