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By Request from dragon648: I want it to be pretty much be the same with kid naruto and tsunade on the floor and then a small box zoomed it showing he's about to insert it. I'll leave the link to the one I'm talking about. http://www.narutopixxx.com/post/take-this-to-your-journey#post want it like this expect with ino instead

Characters: Ino Yamanaka, Naruto Uzumaki,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

6 March 2020
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  • Linverk Neuverclebson Cdb: Gostosa demais a ino
    7 Mar 2020 18:50
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    7 Mar 2020 14:21
  • Moonstarry: @Tyrion While I do agree this is simpler, he still did modify the image. Just compare both, he completely redrew the inside of the box and partially both characters. I don't think it's right for you to say that since it's his first time doing that and it was for an actual request. Plus, they are working by members and this member's request was this one. It's easier said than done, I don't assume you are an artist to know that even modifications still take time. Rex has made hundreds of images an...
    d each unique; we can't just say he did this for such a reason. If that were the case, this request for this user never would have been done. Stop speculating, it happened this time and it was like once out of a thousand. It will only happen if users want such edits, and remember their is a condition now for requesting so such posts won't be frequent. Good day
    7 Mar 2020 14:18
  • Tyrion: Well this time Crayon0 is right this pic basically an edit just with Ino, even the background is the same. I guess it's because Rex is an a non employee artist meaning HK only pay him for the actual work he does, then use the old pic as the basic for new one with a few changes is much more easilly to do then draw something new original from scratch. That's the main reason why Rex has chose this request among other And I guess such pic-edits with a few changes only from Rex will appears more and...
    more when something the new and original will be less and less
    7 Mar 2020 13:32
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    date yours. But why are you changing the topic into my requests? I'm not the one often commenting to Rex, "Nice pic. Could you do my 'ebony' request next?". You have more done over the spread of your multiple accounts than most others but you simply deny it. Whether you wanna be called Crayon0, Utencils, Pastel, Chloe, Victor-ia, and any other names of yours which you aren't denying. Point is, that's what the requester wanted literally in the description, DEAL WITH IT.
    6 Mar 2020 21:11
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  • Tyrion: Hi Rex, I have one question to you: How about remove all requests from all your accepted lists on all pixxx-sites? Or ask Admins to do this if you're very busy. After all you won't be do any requests from accepted lists, definetly! All the members whose queries are on your accepted lists will become increasingly mad and aggressive to you because it looks like outright trolling. For own sake and pixxx-sites you better to completely clean up all your lists and stop annoying members more with the f...
    utile hopes and plans that will never happen Thanks
    6 Mar 2020 17:47
  • EliteXeos: @Crayon0 If you bothered to read the description given by the requester, you’d know they wanted the same position. Stop complaining over every little thing just because your requests aren’t getting done.
    6 Mar 2020 15:06
  • Crayon0: This i a waste of a request, its literally the same pic and position as the naruto and Tsunade pic
    6 Mar 2020 11:34
  • TentenSakura7777: Why is Ino getting all the armpit action haha more Tenten and Sakura armpits lol great Job on the peice Rex. Well done makes me like Ino!
    6 Mar 2020 10:49
  • Marko Ćavar: Omg, this is like perfect!
    6 Mar 2020 09:16