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Tags: Konan, Hentai, Naruto, Kurenai Yuhi, Anime, Ramiune, Artwork, Original, Artist, Hentaikey,

19 March 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: It's nice that you are good with details, but those face need major improvements. Try to look at Rex pics and see if you can get anything from it. Since these faces doesn't resemble at all. Also the Konoha mark is missing on Kurenai's headband. In addition, their lower body isn't the best either. Kurenai's ass and thigh are extremely big. On the other hand, Konan's lower body is good and their upper body is drawn ok. But her nail color is suppose to be orange, not red. :) Sorry to say, but...
    this pic doesn't deserve anymore than 2/5. Try to improve on the points above, Ramiune. I beliebe in ya. xD
    20 Jun 2018 03:46