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Ino's Secret Mission

By Request from Jamesblack01: part 1 ino like this http://igorshof.com/pics/0910/naked-sexy-brunette-girl-lying-on-the-bed-4417.jpg lots of cum on her. love your work rex :)

Characters: Ino Yamanaka,

Tags: Nude, Cumshot, Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

1 March 2020
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  • TentenSakura7777: If there is Tenten and Sakura version of this please link it haha
    24 Mar 2020 03:20
  • sabakunogaara: @Moonstarry: Sorry about the spam but one last thing, I'm not negatively speaking of Rex, I just said he's all special and when is about requests he do not follow any queue he simply chooses which req...
    uests he will or not to do he said that before. It's his choice as is also HK choice to keep him as artist knowing that, I dont think it's wrong he work like that, but I DO think unfair for everyone who paid to drop him requests to be skipped or ignored. So when someone get request from Rex they should consider themselfs lucky. I know my english is bad but my keyboard doesnt help.
    5 Mar 2020 15:59
  • sabakunogaara: I wont say anything else you guys just wait and see for youselves then later you think 'that annoying whine asshole was right'. Bye.
    5 Mar 2020 15:26
  • Moonstarry: @sabakunogaara You always complain. You've been doing it for over a year. First off, not everyone likes drawing heels, especially from excessively long requests. Why don't you ever paste your images onto one paint file and post the image on a host site? It will make everyone's life easier. Even I get tired looking at your requests that look like a foreigner's essay. SNG, you have a knack for spamming the comment section so don't you go denying and contradict yourself, you're not anyone's hero -...
    you use the term 'everyone' to refer to yourself - and even if others get theirs done, you will whine like a brat until you see your request done; but you never even say thanks. And with the way you negatively speak of Rex, why would he want to do your requests? You're not an artist, so don't act like drawing is simple. No offence but why do you complain when your English is so bad? I know it's not your first language but still, people find it hard enough to understand you. Another thing you talk about is doing 'artists doing all requests regardless of tastes and stuff' but you are often to rant about stuff like solo nude male and male fucking male images. If that sort of image popped up, you want rant in a heartbeat - but it's what the requester wanted, right? Seeing as you don't mind lesbian images, what's wrong with some girls getting guys in the nude done too? Hypocrites are unneeded. No, thank you. Lastly, it's porn! Just satisfy yourself and you'll find that you don't need to complain, it's not like someone didn't serve you food for your hunger. P.S. Take note. Next time (after your subscription expires), don't subscribe to HK again? It will make your life easier, and our life easier too.
    5 Mar 2020 07:35
  • Tyrion: People often use such beautiful and noble words as WE, ALL, EVERYONE to cover ME and MINE. EVERYONE spammed The artists with dozens of requests not only you but only is that who whining about the new rule and skipped deleted requests while other like araboo, cranyon, orion and others calmly accepted this without crying and complains although a dozens their requests been delete too but I don't see bitching from them here. You started spamming requests because of others spammers but now no need to...
    spam to fight with other anymore, thats victory and you should be the one who must celebrate the most but you are the one who bitching the most because a dozens your requests was skipped and deleted, because with the new rule you can't spam anymore you can't get a few requests done per month from JoeH as it was before. And you call me a spammer but I did ask only 2 requests to Rex and 3 to JoeH when make requests to other artists is just senseless and then look how many requests you did ask to JoeH and Rex, and if mented of all your dozens deleted requests then we will see who is the true spammer. You want to know why would HK care about something from 2 or 3 months or more ago? Because 2 - 3 months or more ago spammers like you has owned pixxx-sites and I glad that Hentaikey not look back they just go forward. But I sure if artists will start draw old skipped requests from all spammers not only yours but from araboo, crayon, riplly, orion then you'll be bitching even more but if artists will be cares only of yours skipped and start to do 1 your pic every 1-2 weeks then everything will be fine and fair for you
    5 Mar 2020 05:28
  • sabakunogaara: @Tyrion: man when you read something you must pay attention and not just read. I said ''OUR REQUESTS'' and not only ''MINE request'', and ''he skipped ALL'' ALL = plural not just me, everyone!. I'm not crying about anything i'm just following the 'logical' and their own 'new rules' accord to this * one request per member to each artist per 30 days access REDEEMABLE ONCE per Pixxx site *. it means ALL MEMBERS, EVERYONE PLURAL ALL, not just ME!. As for the spam I was not the only one who spammed t...
    he artists with dozens of requests so dont be hypocrite or pretent to be innocent cuz everyone, yes EVERYONE! spammed requests and that's includes you too! but dont you worry all the changes they make are always temporary and the pixxxes always back to where it was with artists skiping, and ignoring requests, quitting and etc etc. And before you point fingers learn to actualy read and interpret. And SPAM is what araboo, cranyon, orion and others do like posting 1 request for every artist after this 'new rule' even knowing those requests for ecchizen, renchi and jeppu wont be done but they dont care they just keep 'spaming', THIS is spam, what I did was try to repost a previous deleted request since the others were skipped and deleted. I always used to post ONE request per site check my animepixxx requests, i started spamming requests cause it was the only way I found to compete with the others it is like ''cant beat em, join them''. Lastly even with my 'whinning' they wont do my or ANY old request Tyrion, do you know why? cause Hentaikey NEVER look back they just go forward, they already got our money man why would they care about something from 2 or 3 months or more ago? xD
    4 Mar 2020 23:33
  • Tyrion: @sabakunogaara calm down finally, you are wrong almost about everything. Few months ago you was against the spammers and now you are turned into most blatant one who is crying "bring back spamm if be honest only my requests". As you said everyone pays the same but you want that JoeH bring back and done all your skipped and deleted requests but JoeH already did alot of your requests but you blame him that he still owes you something, seriously? At first you spam artists with dozens requests and t...
    hen crying that artists skipp your requests and artists owes you something, what a perfect strategy. Now you know the new rules but still keep spam artists with your requests on each pixxx site, do you really think to all your requests will be done if you ask 7 different request to one artists if artist may do only one of your request per month ? Again will be bitching about skipped requests right? Maybe before there was a special status for some favorite members and some members was more VIP than others but now everything will be change. Doesn't matter you like it or not but now more special status for spamers, that's why the suggestion boxes was cleaned up from flood requests from spammers, from now all membets will be get one requests done from one artist per 30 days so you, riplly, araboo, orion, crayon and others will be on the same boat like all members. And stop your bitching, it's always "Artists should do all my requests because I'm so special!" You really getting annoying
    4 Mar 2020 22:42
  • sabakunogaara: they dont even worry about catching up the requests they've skipped they just keep moving forward and fuck the rest!
    4 Mar 2020 22:00
  • sabakunogaara: those pixxxes are all messed and always will be bud, why wont they get joeh to draw all the requests skipped? according to this new policy its 1 request per month, PER SITE to each member right? then joeH owes me at least 3 requests on 1 fanpixxx, 2 fairytail and 3 hinatapixxx(i wont even mention bleach and one piece) and thats just ME not to mention the other members and the requests that were deleted to avoid flood(this I agree!) cause they dont care, he said ''WE'' want Rex stay because of hi...
    s fans(thats includes me) right? then why they dont get Rex to draw pics more often? because he all special with privileges and everything, he stays for marketing and to get people to sigh up and drop him requests or would you guys sigh up for pixxxes specially to drop requests for joeh and Claudius? LOL of course not people sigh up to ask Rex since he does the best naruto art around web and is hell good at the others as well. The only one artist here on pixxes who really CARES about the members and their requests instead their $$$$$ is Claudius. I just think Rex should care more about his fans, because he's the only one who makes the pixxxes runs, unless they find a really GOOOD artist as good as him who will not ignore requests because they are fetish, or because he dont like the character and most important someone who WILL NOT FAVOR any member cause there is absolutely no reason to differentiate members since everyone pays the same! truth be told they skip requests because they want or to favor their beloved members or because they didnt like not because one is simpler or shorter description than the other or because its fetishism, I've tried ALL KIND OF REQUESTS solo, gangbang, incest, lesbian, fetish and no fetish and most of them were rejected.
    4 Mar 2020 21:49
  • kumekazu: Well, that no incest rule is not true http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/when-boys-not-home#post Himawari+Hinata http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/motherly-love-pt-2#post Kushina+Naruto http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/hurry-up-we-must--finish-it-before--your-father-returns-from-work#post Boruto+Hinata http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/the-naughty-magic-of-halloween#post Himawari+Hinata http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.n...
    arutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/my-sweet-naughty-mother#post Boruto+Hinata http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/mom-and-son#post Boruto+Hinata http://f7cb86b1dcaee66.narutopixxx.hentaikey.com/post/this-is-how-you-do-it-sarada#post Sarada+Sakura So yeah, we have incest pics here.
    4 Mar 2020 21:18
  • Tyrion: I did two incest requests and that's mean they both will be rejected' So now I may do ask new earlier than 30 days right?
    4 Mar 2020 17:12
  • Tyrion: You cleaned up the suggestion boxes from flood requests from fucking spammed. Great job admins I really appreciate it ! Would be great if you delete all requests to artists who is not working at HK anymore like Red, Sven, Nero and don't forget about accepted list too this place should be cleaning up too. Also you should do something with Rex requests from all accepted lists, he doesn't cares of any accepted requests and won't be do any one, maybe you should ask Rex what his plans about accepted...
    list. Also great to see about new incoming artists but still you need to do with current ones If artists are working on other projects as well and don't draw anything for pixxx-sites or accept of any requests then maybe you should remove them from list artists for requests
    4 Mar 2020 17:11
  • sabakunogaara: Rex draw incest all the time, well Rex is the golden egg chicken so he can do anything right, but what about the requests joeh skipped? they'll all be forgotten right? he skipped tons of requests from me and the other members to draw all the new ones, requests from 2 and 3 months ago, not to mention the ones who were deleted from november-december 2019, if he skip but return later to draw later fine but he he skip and NEVER go back to draw the previous requests he skipped they are all FORGOTTEN...
    FOREVER. And I'm not attacking anyone or being inconsiderate i'm just pointing the erros that for some reason they dont really care. Why they/him dont talk to Rex and get him to draw requests more often since theres only 3 artists here only(the others dont even count)? why they/him dont ask Rex to just ignore his fetish hating and draw the pictures like all other artists do? cuz he's here for pure marketing he draw only the requests he likes. And why they/him dont have joeh to draw 3-4-7 requests for all the other members as he did for the others? or why they/him dont have joeh to draw all the skipped requests? because does NOT works like that! artist dont follow any rule and are free to do whatever they want, and the administration DO NOT even care since thet have our cash, this will never change. All the changes they do on this blog dont last more than 2 months, if I am wrong then prove it to me please!
    4 Mar 2020 16:11
  • testrowan: hi, no we do NOT allow incest due legal reasons, it is illegal! also again we will remove the option to skip or reject by artists, so all request should be made, some artist are working on other projects as well, like Battle Hentai and other game design we are working on that have not been released yet. we will be adding more artist on the pixxx sites, thank you
    4 Mar 2020 13:44
  • Tyrion: @therowan Everything as I thought. Rex here not for our requests, he for the marketing he is the bait-fanservice to better sell the pixxx product and make requests to him is the same as buy the hidden loot-boxes. But how about other artists like Jeppu, he didn't considered of any members requests for this winter ? You do not have control over his work too? And where is Renchi and Ecchizen who didnt posted anything for this winter. Aren't they still works here ? And where is the new artists that...
    been promised a month ago ?
    4 Mar 2020 05:55
  • orion0825: You’re being really unreasonable and inconsiderate to HK admins and pixxx artists. They’re not here to listen to you complain constantly and attack them. Of course there are flaws with the current system, but blaming the admins and artists isn’t going to fix them immediately. There is no such thing as a perfect business. It takes time for things to change and improve. They even said that they are testing new ideas, but you have been complaining since the implementation of this new request system...
    system. I’m not saying to wait forever, but at least have some patience with HK and their artists.
    4 Mar 2020 02:23
  • sabakunogaara: Your own artists cant follow any rule or policy here rowan, joeh drew 2 request for Erebos in less than a month here on feb 16th https://hinatapixxx.com/post/releasing-tension then 11 days later he draw another one for the same member here on feb 27th here https://fanpixxx.com/post/fulfill-my-dreams even after being WARNED by another member he was drawing request for the same member in less than a month. See? they are immune to any changes. The only thing I'll die and never understand is why th...
    ey insist favor certain members when everyone is paying the same price really, cuz they post simply requests or short descriptions? dont work I tried, maybe because they like some characters and dislike the others this is the only accepted explanation.
    4 Mar 2020 02:17
  • sabakunogaara: There always have stupid members like me and the others who will pay to have the requests ignored or skipped and watch the artists draw lot of pictures in a row for a couple members while the others suck fingers. Now why dont you guys have joeh to draw 5 or more pictures in a row for me, harley, tyrion and all other active members as he did for araboo, rippy, orion, hk112? or at least draw all the requests him and Rex have skipped all this time to make even? because doesnt works like that huh. T...
    hey draw only what they want or like for those who are lucky enough to be choosen. Since you guys adopted this 'new policy' look how many new names/members had their requests fulfilled within those couple months. I bet if members know why their requests were reject they'll fix the next time for exemple ''Rex DO NOT like drawing HIGH HEELS'' if you post a request that includes HEELS he will probably IGNORE!, ''joeH dont like LONG DESCRIPTIONS and DO NOT draw incest'' if you post requests with LONG DESCRIPTIONS and incest your reject MAY BE REJECTED but now rejecting a request without a reason only means they are favoring other members and now this ''if the member have his request skipped he'll also be PUNISHED by a month to not post anything only because he had his request skipped?''oh please man... means we are fucked twice? by the artist who ignored the request but ALSO by the site who will punish their OWN PAYING customer? hahaha I can only laugh really. bye, have a great night.
    4 Mar 2020 01:50
  • testrowan: there is an error in the newspost, if your previous request has been rejected or accepted you wont be able to request for 30 days.,, this should be if your previous request has been accepted you wont be able to request for 30 days. the rejection option will be removed period, instead we will be adding rules , for example 1-2 characters max or additional votes of other members will be required for images with large quantity of characters , to resolve the image quality and work issue.
    4 Mar 2020 01:48
  • testrowan: in reference to this "one request per member to each artist per 30 days access redeemable once per Pixxx site" we are aware of whats going on, and the actual idea is to change the request stem to one request per member to each artist per 30 days access and once accepted no more request till the 30 day grace period expires" but we also have to see if there are actual enough members posting request to fill out the artists work schedules. so there will be some trial runs and testing on what ac...
    tual will work again in benefit of all members and not just a few.
    4 Mar 2020 00:59
  • testrowan: and as for whats going on with rex , he is an a non employee artist meaning we only pay him for the actual work he does, he is not an employee like the other artists, so he does what can when he does, we do not have control over his work habits but have tolerated his work habits out of courtesy to our members that request that he continues drawing art for the site, thank you.
    4 Mar 2020 00:53
  • testrowan: what we are doing is for the benefit of all members not just some, all member should have the same opportunity, foul language is not going to give importance on your comments, btw, keep it professional and we will resolve the favoritism issue once and for all, and give all members a chance to have their request done. thank you.
    4 Mar 2020 00:48
  • sabakunogaara: ''if your previous request has been rejected or accepted you wont be able to request for 30 days. Meaning.. ''fuck you and your requests try again next month sucker!!!'' > if your request has been rejected and ''please come spam again next month flooder-san xD'' if you request was accepted and fufilled. xDD
    3 Mar 2020 20:15
  • sabakunogaara: ''one request per member to each artist per 30 days access redeemable once per Pixxx site'' welcome back rippy77pixxx.com, arabopixxx.com, orinonpixxx.com
    3 Mar 2020 20:04
  • sabakunogaara: anyway I've had enough those sites are a mess man.
    3 Mar 2020 20:02
  • sabakunogaara: oh no I missed the site lol...
    3 Mar 2020 20:01
  • sabakunogaara: They also deleted our little chatting on my request ''girls just want to have fun'' including the request. Alright I'm done HK bye, I've had enough of this shitt.
    3 Mar 2020 19:59
  • Tyrion: Hey HK could you explain how members who did asked requests to Rex should to know what their requests will be rejected or accepted if Rex completely ignore everything about accepted and rejected lists, Seriously how ?
    3 Mar 2020 19:46
  • Tyrion: LOL the rule artists can’t make requests from the same member but different sites without break in 30 days. been succesfuly deleted. Seems I was wrong about the new rule has been adopted to ensure that all members are given equal opportunities and not to allow domination of some special members with their flood of requests.
    3 Mar 2020 19:41
  • 马唯希: nice!!!!
    3 Mar 2020 19:07
  • sabakunogaara: Rex's fans are as fanatic as Lexus/cowboy tanaka's fans are Tyrion, they'll keep supporting/adoring even if they post one picture a month not matter if is just a solo nude picture. The requestor said that 'love your work rex :)'. Rex is the HentaiKey's Golden Egg Chicken they know if he quit is GG HK so they try to keep him here with probably lot of privigeles like drawing only the requests he likes and a couple others we dont know, even if its 1 picture per month, lexus/cowboy tanaka does the s...
    ame man, he keeps his patron on drawing 1 or 2 pics at most per month so they cant report him as 'lack of update' and leech money from the suckers xD. There is a reason of why ex artists do not come back to pixxes and new ones never lasts long here, I'm just speculating but I think even Darkalx may have rejected HK's invitation.
    3 Mar 2020 17:29
  • dashunjinggao: how could it be so expensive
    3 Mar 2020 13:20
  • Tyrion: Because there alot of people who have all paid good amounts of money and keep paying doesn't matter how many pics Rex has made per week or month and in the same time he doesn't cares of alot requests from people who have paid good amounts of money to see their request get done, because why he would do it if alot people still keep paying doesn't matter what ? and don't forget about group of fanatic asslickers who always are happy to lick Rex's ass doesn't matter when, what and how he does draw e...
    ven if do only one boring pic per week or month and they always will be do like "Oh my God ! This is another pic from our lord Rex ! Please let us lick your sweat ass from our heart, our greatest amazing Rex-dono!"
    2 Mar 2020 18:05
  • Crayon0: And WHY ARE WE GETTING 1 Pic from Rex like every 7 days when there alot of people with different requests who have all paid good amounts of money to see their request get done, its just stupid!
    2 Mar 2020 15:26
  • UM OTAKU DA PESADA: A ino é minha preferida
    2 Mar 2020 00:58
  • UM OTAKU DA PESADA: A ino é a minha preferida ?
    2 Mar 2020 00:57
  • TentenSakura7777: I'd pay to have a Sakura and Tenten version
    1 Mar 2020 19:20
  • TentenSakura7777: Tenten* Auto correct not Yemen lol
    1 Mar 2020 19:18
  • TentenSakura7777: Rex, well done! I'm not even a Ino Fan... this wpuld be a perfect Sakura Edit and Yemen :) I love the petitiness and Armpits
    1 Mar 2020 19:02
  • Crayon0: I feel like if the person paid properly than you should at least get those done since he supported you
    1 Mar 2020 16:42
  • Crayon0: How cone your not doing that many requests Rex?
    1 Mar 2020 16:41