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In Sakura's Young Tight Ass ❤️

By Request from ColgateSmile04: Hey there Antient, could you remake this Sakura please (Shippuden Version) and I would really love it if you can try to do the same amount of pubic hair just like the reference (I think she would look super sexy like that) Thank you so much and here's the reference 🙂 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1132354954363936790/1132382629065408512/Screenshot_20230715-1310222.png

Characters: Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Sakura Haruno, Anal, Sexy Pose, Hairy Pussy, Narutopixxx, Antient,

23 August 2023
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  • konan541: too sexy the heart in pubic hair, good job
    24 Aug 2023 08:05
  • ColgateSmile04: Thank you so much Antient! I really love the way you did her pubic hair, very sexy! Sakura is very beautiful as always too ❤ Stay well and take care of yourself 🙂
    23 Aug 2023 20:55