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In Order To Protect Kaguya

Characters: Aino,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

24 May 2019
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  • Vld66613: @strikinglee94 i have had two requests i made since the end of 2017, one in November, one in December, one for this site, and one for "SailormoonPixxx". Both requests have disappeared from their respective sites' "Queue List" in the last few weeks, while a few spammed requests are still listed. Was it because my requests were too detailed? (In which case, i'm worried about the requests i did THIS year), is it because they were too hard, or is it because they were too old? Is it because the artis...
    ts i requested are working on it, or is it because they quit, I don't know. Still, I suggest you take a look at the Queue List. While my requests have disappeared, there are resquests dating back to Febrary 2017 in there, so i don't think requests made in January or Febrary 2019 take precedence. I'll also add this. I'd rather an artist decide my requests are too hard, and abandon it altogether, than have them do something which will end up badly because it was too much work. The only problem i have with all this is that there wasn't any warning or explanation as to why my requests disappeared. @Rex: Nice one, even though i don't know this character, she must be from an arc i didn't watch.
    11 Jun 2019 16:36
  • shadowrunner: @strikinglee94 i think you mean "clarity"
    28 May 2019 08:11
  • Mike42: hey Rex would it be possible to make some sort of an "information tab" on the site where for example you can read what the artist never wants to draw, this way we know what not to request from said artists. I would love to request some more kinky stuff, but i have no idea if its a waste of an request sins i dont know what is off limits for you. Nice pic btw!
    24 May 2019 19:15
  • StrikingLee94: Yo not to be a a douche. I understand that there are other sites that artists work on. How ever I have some requests that have been up since I think January or feb. I know requests are just that requests not demands I just was wondering if any are to get done. If not no big deal Im kinda new to this site I still don't understand the inner workings of this site. I hope im not sounding like a dick im just want some charity. Great pic by the way.
    24 May 2019 17:10