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Happy National Selfie Day

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21 June 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: Cool to see another comment from ya, Rex. Long time since we have seen that. :D
    25 Aug 2018 02:25
  • Amaterasu user: How does that work out when you can find ton of cartoon/anime pics on rule34 where the characters are underaged. Some of them are less than 7 years. Trust me, you can find any sick kind of pictures on that site. And who knows, maybe some of them earn money by it. What about in Japan, where artists draw pics and comic of loli kids in the age 6-7. This is just stupid, imo. Because there are people out there that make profit out of underaged pic. Why should this site be that different. I unders...
    tand Rex viewpoint, I truly do, but still I am not so sure about the underage policy. Maybe the admins have decided to have it like that. I personally don't think Rex would mind. ^^
    25 Aug 2018 02:24
  • Amaterasu user: You make a good point there, pal. ;)
    25 Aug 2018 02:19
  • Mercury: The design of site been changed and now all the lie here became a way obviouslier than before. All Original Artwork Updated Daily the last update here happened a week ago Artist Active List: Rex, Joe, Koala, Swen , Ecchizen. Somebody, could remind me when the last time Koala, Swen , Ecchizen did updates here because it's happened so long time ago that I even can't remembered myself In this way you could say All Original Artwork Updated Every Few Hours and for Artist Active List add Lexus Dar...
    win Aidan Ferds Ellery Karazu Robert and nothing wouldn't changed in the end;
    28 Jun 2018 17:52
  • MaryLee: All I saw was you as the problem in that comment section. These sites have to follow the law you know. You won't understand because you're not an artist.
    26 Jun 2018 19:50
  • Rex: Here's the deal, I was not feeling well when I did that image, I lack sleep, headaches and I feel wasted that time. I didn't notice that I made Naruto way younger that what I inteded him to look like. So I decided to take down the image and redraw it. Don't worry, I will re upload it once I'm done. The bottomline is, artists(especially me) have to ensure that all underage characters will be drawn in a way that they don't resemble a toddler. We know what's legal and what is not. We are just bei...
    ng cautious because we don't wanna end up on the wrong side of the of the law.
    22 Jun 2018 04:33
  • tsukutarasu: Nude version please! :)
    21 Jun 2018 21:52
  • KiSwordsman: If all this situation did happened just because in that pic Naruto looked 7 year aged than Rex could just make a simple edit and make him look more older but I don't think that could save a situation so he just removed this pic. Also I think People would been have complains much less if it was a pic for Naruto looked 7 year aged with some other girl because people here doesn't cares of age of drawn chatacters, they cares of characters itself. If you don't believe me then looks in the future wha...
    t gonna heppen with any new pi for young Hinata Naruhina Sasuke Sasusaku Shikatema black guys with young girls etc, how long those pics will be on this site before being removed, few days ? few hours ? it's doesn't matter because all those pics will be delete in the end thanks to rex who shown how absolutelly anybody may censoring pics on this site, I promise you, I garantee you that haters will be overuse this way for maximum From other side offended fans and members who paid money for that will be overuse this Anti-pedo strike too but against other underage characters by principle "No fun for me - no fun for all you" and the most affected by this will be rex yourself, many his pics will be just wasted because any one may come here and say "Take away this pedo-shit from this site!" For what drawing something that will be removed in the end ? That's why I talk to make the choice: or under-aged pics is allowed here for absolutelly all characters without any exceptions or under-aged pics is forbidden here for absolutelly all characters without any exceptions
    21 Jun 2018 19:50
  • naruto: So cute and beauty as her mother she's look so sexy here The most beautiful girl in her generation
    21 Jun 2018 19:02
  • Crystalbob: I think it's just because in that pic Naruto looked really young, Like 7. Here they look more like how Rex usually draws these characters. I personally think Rex should be able to draw whatever characters, however he likes. Some loli is good for the soul. Seriously though, it's as dumb as complaining that violent games are responsible for violence. It's fiction. Who cares, it's not real. Sarada is hot to me, this pic is great. Doesn't mean I'm gonna go looking for real 12 year old pics, cause re...
    al kids and teens don't look like their anime counterparts at all. Just my 2 cents.
    21 Jun 2018 18:10
  • KiSwordsman: So pic for young NaruHina was removedin the end because it was an illegal pedo-content but in the same time pic for other under aged characters like Sarada Sumire Boruto Inojin Tsuru Kiri teen Konan Ino etc is welcomed here. Let me guess, People complains of pics - that's child porn, people don't complains - that's legal stuff, and who cares that you draw all characters in the same under-aged age. I bet from now any mew pic for young pre-shippuden Hinata NaruHina Sasuke SasuSaku and few others...
    characters will be delete from this site because haters will be overuse the "anti-pedo strike" for own joy because they don't cares of the age of drawn characters, they cares of which characters been drawn only. Nothing personal Rex but if the drawing pics with teen underaged characters is mean the forbidden content here then it's should be forbidden content for all characters here so all under-aged pics should be removed from this site but not only pic for special characters because some people doesn't liked it, or all teen underaged characters is allowed here so there have no reasons to remove pics even if some people doesn't liked it Because I don't get why 12 year aged Naruto and Hinata is the illegal pro-pedo things but 12 year aged Sarada Sumire Boruto Inojin Wasabi Himawari Tsuru Kiri teen Konan Ino Kushina Tsunade Sakura Hanabi etc is the normal non-pedo stuff. How It does work?
    21 Jun 2018 17:53
  • Mavis: Nothing
    21 Jun 2018 16:34
  • Soki: Make naked please
    21 Jun 2018 13:19