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Following The Hokage's Orders

By Request from pastel: Naruto (hokage) and Tsuru like this http://ivy.paheal.net/_images/e34ac963a35237de3b2b7a8cf617d2dd/2500609%20-%20Bleach%20Ichigo_Kurosaki%20Karoll_Ann%20Rukia_Kuchiki.png

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Tsuru Itoi,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Kissing, Rex,

3 December 2019
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  • kumekazu: Nice, that's it Naruto, fuck this little whore.
    4 Dec 2019 21:32
  • Utencils: This request was from the REAL Pastel, i stole his account later lol
    3 Dec 2019 21:18
  • Rippy77: @Crayon0 You are seriously? This request looks as almost all your requests here. And maybe you already forgot but a few months ago you confirmed itself that you were stealing the names of other members to make your own requests and pastel was in the list of stolen accounts and now you want to say you didn't request this, seriously ? Stop it, this is your request, it is an obvious fact for anyone who have a eyes. Just support Rex and what he's doing and quit complaining especially when he regul...
    arly makes your requests and ignores ideas from other members in your favor. Perfect plan. And I want to know right, now are you talking as a Rex or did he personally ask you to say it to reassure people but anyway it was a pitiful attempt. Try better next time
    3 Dec 2019 20:47
  • Utencils: Lmfaoooo 1. I didn't request this 2. Just support Rex and what he's doing and quit complaining
    3 Dec 2019 19:15
  • Rippy77: @orion0825 Actually this strange circumstance is one of the main evidences that there is a rather strange and close relationship between Rex and Crayon0 It looks like Rex is overprotective of Crayon0 and doing everything possible to protect Crayon0 and hide of all his dirty games from others. Story with araboo is the perfect excample: araboo caught the cheater - ban, Crayon0 cheated - special treatment of all his requests like he's the super VIP-member. Also there were a few instances where Cr...
    ayon0 said "I know exactly what Rex was going to do soon" and his predictions came about for real as if he really knew all about all the rex's plans These circumstances cannot simply be a coincidence, and so I am certain Rex and Crayon0 is the same person or they are very close in the real PS I'm won't be surprised if my comments are also deleted soon
    3 Dec 2019 17:33
  • orion0825: @Rippy77 The last person who brought this up was araboo and all of his comments about it were deleted. He was also really vocal about it, but doesn’t seem to be speaking up anymore. Maybe the mods banned him from posting comments or something? Something is definitely going on though...
    3 Dec 2019 13:42
  • Rippy77: Now no one will deny the obvious fact Rex and Crayon0/Utencils is the same person or they are very close in the real life. This is the only reasonable explanation why Rex can't miss a single request from this guy PS The accepted list R.I.P.
    3 Dec 2019 05:42
  • TentenSakura7777: Perfect Rex, amazing job! Nice sexy body and I love the side boob and armpit shot!
    3 Dec 2019 05:25