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By Request from Sandew: with naruto uzumaki (shippuden) bandaged and wounded as in this image : https://images2.imgbox.com/d6/d1/oXXkcq9K_o.png and sakura haruno (shippuden) dressed as a nurse: Reference image : https://images2.imgbox.com/32/6f/oy7LLWGk_o.jpg

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Narutopixxx,

16 June 2020
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  • Assmus.Daniel@arcor.de: Jesus Christ, Chitty. That's some high-tier autism from you right there.
    19 Jun 2020 20:03
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    19 Jun 2020 20:02
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    19 Jun 2020 15:54
  • Chitty: NEWS FLASH Tukuyo just changed his name to Tsukiyo, will he ever learn, that is all folks see ya tomorrow on Pixxx & Chixxx
    19 Jun 2020 01:42
  • hkpixxx19: Nice one I thought this was made by Rex, good work Joeh your art is improving keep up, you are pretty good on pov style pictures but your full body pictures needs to improve. Note: this is a constructive criticism NOT a complaint.
    17 Jun 2020 00:06