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Buntan's Boobshot

Characters: Buntan Kurosuki,

Tags: Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

2 February 2024
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  • sushikilla1: Oh for sure, most of the things they add in don't do much. It's kind of just there, to say like "hey, we've got some new stuff that won't really benefit the members much, but here you go!". But oh well, been like this for years alreadys, the requests in the queue list will be done by like 2050, new members will at most get 1 request done maybe once every decade.
    9 Feb 2024 08:04
  • TheFeetlover: The other thing I never understood is this 'voting system' that is only used for trolling and downvote ppl's requests 🤣... As if downvote other ppl requests would make the artist not to take the request LOL 🤣😂🤣😂
    4 Feb 2024 03:30
  • sushikilla1: Oh there definitely are many members that Rex favors over the majority. Sucks it's gotta be that way, but oh well, it is what it is. His favorites gets at the most 5+ requests done ( including the other sites ) while majority get either at least 1 or nothing at all. Keep giving them chances, but it's annoying and a waste. Best just find somewhere else with more consistency tbh.
    3 Feb 2024 09:59
  • TheFeetlover: @sushikilla1, @Shinobi Storm: Yes requests here are a very complicated thing specially if sent to Rex.. artist are free to accept/reject and he's specialist ignoring em, try send ur requests to different artists, Joeh and Shiva are good artists and they dont take long and their art is good, Rex's art is awesome but.., the only point of having such nice artist who constantly ignores paid members requests(including 4 mine) is to attract more new members and resources to the site. The only way to g...
    et requests from Rex is to be one of his favorite member or if he like really your request, I simply dont send requests for him anymore coz I know will be ignored.
    2 Feb 2024 22:30
  • sushikilla1: It's the norm around here for requests to be piled for a long time and then ignored. We got requests that date back to 2022. It's indeed unfortunate for the members who pay just to be ignored. Always a disappointment.
    2 Feb 2024 05:24
  • Shinobi Storm: you guys really do put alot of attention into changing the way the website looks instead of getting the requests in the queue done
    2 Feb 2024 02:27