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Boruto With Young Sakura

By Request from CptHK.: boruto with young sakura in any position

Characters: Boruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno,

Tags: Doggy Style, Narutopixxx, Hentaikey, Rex,

13 February 2020
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  • HarleyXQuinn: If Darkalx joining to HK team then he won't be able to sell his pictures on gumroad anymore because of DMCA and who will be pay him for 15-30$ for one pic when better buy HK account for 30$ per months and get access to all his pics. So take Darkalx will be cost too much for HK, maybe they should bring back Joe or Aidan but I seriously doubts that will be possible And be honest I don't expect to see here a new skilled artists here who will be ready to have deal with members requests
    20 Feb 2020 18:44
  • sabakunogaara: Darkalx has 22 patrons while cowboy tanaka and raikageart has more than 200 and raikageart wouldn't come even if he were invited just asked him the other day. So joining HK team would be a very good idea for darkalx for some extra cash beside patron and gumroad since he sells his pictures for 15-30$ and also could improve more his art. Lexus and Joe made their names and art starting here it's a very good opportunity for him to make his name as well, but for that if HK has to be interested recrui...
    ting him.
    20 Feb 2020 17:38
  • HarleyXQuinn: And now lets talk seriously. You said we complains but I didn't remember when I did ask 3 or 5 requests in a row as I did. I don't want more active artists like Jeppu who may draw only own ideas and don't want have deal with members requests, I want to see the real list of active artists who really can accept and do your requests but not this fake where still is Echhizen and Renchi who didn't made any pic for last months. I want to see a real list of accepted requests where the accepted request...
    s will be mean soon will be done requests but not crap what we have now. I tired from this shitty unofficial method to ask requests; if you want to Joeh make your requests than you should ask simple solo pic while requests with more characters and details may be not accepted or if you wanna something from Rex than you should ask something simple based on arts of others artists because to draw something original is too hard for him So stop worshiping him so much he is not as good as he was before If previously other less creative artists used to take his art as a basis for his paintings, now everything has changed completely, now he as a second-rate artist takes the paintings of other artists to make his own
    20 Feb 2020 05:44
  • HarleyXQuinn: I always wanted to know who all those idiots who keep support Lexus patreons for a many months and years. With His patreon should do like this: Pay $5 and became patreon once a year, take all 10-15 pics that he did updated for whole year, cancel patreon and repeat the same moves for the next year again. it's the best way to have deal with Lexus because his patreon is one of the worst I even seen. You want artists who won't be skip requests and in the same time you want to see here Raikage art -...
    artist who obsessed with BBC and MILF's I guess this artist won't be accept any requests without BBC and MILF's. And want more active artist for ALL sites but how about JEppu Are you ok with him. He's very active artist lately who not favor any member or skip requests because he absolutely don't accept any requests. And forget about Darkalx he have his patreon page too and sell his pics on gumroad so he will not join to HK for many reasons
    20 Feb 2020 05:42
  • sabakunogaara: They need to bring active artist for ALL sites not only naruto or fanpixxx and artists who WILL NOT favor any member or skip requests because they do not like the character.
    20 Feb 2020 00:38
  • sabakunogaara: If we complain and I said WE not 'me' is because we want/expect some changes or improvements but it's up to the blog manager if he'll listen to us or not, there's lot of hentai sites and artist doing commissions around we have no reason to stay here for 'commissions only'. and if Rex leave then GG pixxxes unless they find someone as good as him like the previous mention Darkalx or Karazu (RaikageArt and Lexus join) by obvious reason they do private commissions and got their patron, Raikage ear...
    ns 5x(100$ per picture with 2 characters) even more than he would earn drawing here about 40-60$ last time I was told HK was paying per picture and Lexus aka cowboy tanaka has changed A LOT since he quit HK and had health issue now he barely update his page 1 or 2 pictures at most each month and lost a lot patrons because of that including me, he dont even answer questions or emails from his own patron anymore only for their beloved patrons like fish1337/don/nyx and a couple more patrons who fill up Lexus's ass with their monthly payment on privative commissions Lexus do not update on his patron but they trade among their beloved circle and noone else, if you is not on Lexus's favorite list dont even waste ur time.
    20 Feb 2020 00:34
  • HarleyXQuinn: That's I talking about sabakunogaara you is not the victim as you pretending to be; Rex regularly had did your requests and Joeh still keep do your ideas but you constantly complains about something. Actually I have much more reasons to bitching; Rex didnt made any of my request since the summer 2019, Joeh did only two most simplest request from my list. And Rex still may comeback but this will be the swan's song a few new updates as all artists had did before quit pixxxs forever. So I have to m...
    uch reasons to stop my premium subscription. And don't worry Crayon I reported quickly about your cheating after you stole my name so you still may keep to talk to the wall aka Rex who probably is not with pixxx anymore
    19 Feb 2020 22:00
  • sabakunogaara: Lol cranyon dont even pretent to be innocent xD. Well quiting or not it won't really matter or change anything since Rex is considered one 'special artist' with 'special privileges' and everyone knows. I stay cuz even I get one or two requests on every 1-3 months Rex's naruto characters are the best end of story, all other are really nice but when is about naruto Rex is king and besides we have access to not only pixxx and requests but also for videos and stuff to tell the truth the pixxes blog...
    are a bonus if you guys dont know so, since i get 1-3 requests while I'm here is fine. Wish I could get more thow ;( plus I'm really grateful by Rex doing my Elle https://fanpixxx.com/post/hot-elle#post. If he quit I hope he leave contact like patreon, twitter and so on so we can commission him specially for fetish requests hehe.
    19 Feb 2020 21:27
  • Crayon0: Rex can you do the request i submitted when i stole HarleyXQuinn’s user name please? Thats a good one, OR DO ANY OF THEM YOU LIKE!
    19 Feb 2020 20:17
  • HarleyXQuinn: But anyway there is a very high probability that Rex is no longer or will soon cease to be an artist here So all your bitching and paids may be just for nothing
    19 Feb 2020 17:28
  • HarleyXQuinn: This is called karma Crayon0 When you used to steal the names of other members to ask your queries and Rex regularly drew your ideas for almost every week, that was honest When REX ignored requests from other members who paid to do your requests on a regular basis, it was also fair And now, when the Rex stopped making your requests, you started to whine and complain because it's dishonest anymore Rex has made more requests for you than for any member here so do everyone a favor and shut up at...
    finally You are the last one here who has the right to complain and ask something from Rex
    19 Feb 2020 17:26
  • Crayon0: Yea Rex i’ve paid THREE TIMES!! I just want ONE REQUEST!
    19 Feb 2020 11:50
  • sabakunogaara: This policy is just an illusion to 'stop the flooding' cuz it doesn't change anything for those VIP's/Favorite members, why? cause same artist can do 7 requests in a row for the same member BUT.. on different sites jumping from on to another skipping all if he want xD narutopixxx 1, bleachpixxx 2, sailomoonpixxx 3, fairytailpixxx 4, hinatapixxx 5, fanpixxx 6 and onepiecepixxx 7. For those members who gets no more than 1 or 3 pictures per month for all sites let's say 40-60% it doesn't change any...
    thing they'll still get 1 to 3 AT MOST usually is only 1... the more they try to fix the worse it gets LOL XD. If you guys really want to CHANGE or FIX anything must be radical 'one request per member for the same artist for ALL sites', if you post a request for Rex here today you cannot post anything anywhere for him until next month.. deal with BUT assuming the 'request' WILL BE DONE with this new anti-spam system, cause this 'anti-spam' system works only for the same site but we can still spam 7 different requests on every pixxx for the same artist.
    16 Feb 2020 19:06
  • HarleyXQuinn: By the way seems they a bit changed the rule and now one request per member to each artist in 30 days on each site. Favoritism will be works great and with new rule even better than before
    16 Feb 2020 14:09
  • HarleyXQuinn: And if talk about Rex, as I can remember Ellery Lexus, Aidan, Robert and seems Joe also had some "health issues" before they leaving pixxxs. Almost all pixxx-artists quit HK, then Rex got in trouble with health and then unexpectedly after months of complaints about a spam in the suggestion boxes, HK admins heard us and finally started to do something about this problem and promise to find new good artists. Too many strange coincidences. By the way the long breaks from artists will be the another...
    good reason to skip members requests.
    16 Feb 2020 07:03
  • HarleyXQuinn: 'Artists will make your request in turn.' is almost the same as 'artist cannot skip request by no reason' and 'artist cannot favor members' and so, does artists honestly follow these rules all the time? Definetly not! So I don't see the any reasons why something gonna change to artists now. And artists don't like your idea, they don't want do your idea or they don't cares of your idea artists don't have time to make your idea also supposed to be a 'reason' why artists has skip your request. So e...
    verything about the ignore of requests from one members and special VIP status of requests from other members is legal, and I doubt that simple requests older than 3 months will be skipped especially after this new rule of one request per member, when members gonna be ask a simpler requests much less than before, especially requests from VIPs members, especially at dead unpopular pixxxs, especially by Rex
    16 Feb 2020 07:02
  • sabakunogaara: Rules for member 'okay' but rules for artist 'NO'. What about ''artist cannot skip request by no reason', 'artist cannot favor members' haha NEVER. I doubt that requests older than 3 months will be fulfilled, the chance of Rex accept old requests is like winning on lotto as for JoeH I doubt he'll draw the requests he skipped since he joined specially after this new rule of one request per member, meaning.. the ones like araboo, rippy, orion who got their 2-5 more requests IN A ROW PER SITE are o...
    kay but those like me and others who never had more than 2 requests filled per month suck finger and probably will never get xD. Like I said from now on I DOUBT that Rex and JoeH will come here and draw more than 2 requests for me or any other member in less than a month as they done for the previous memebers I quote, I can confirm that at least for Rex, except for their special members of course. Is like the saying ''What is done is done, what matter is from now on'' that ''accepted list'' is more for 'Rejected list'. The only one artist who does not skip request and if he do skip we just have to repost/request again and he DO is Claudius.
    15 Feb 2020 22:09
  • HarleyXQuinn: @sabakunogaara you still don't get a some very obvious things, The new rules is not for artists that's all for members only! one request per member to each artist in 30 days doesn't meant that artists must to do requests about 30 days for every members, that's only means members may ask one request per 30 days but nobody will not guarantee that this request will be done somedays. For example: to make a five requests to one artist you should be a member for five months but for all this time no on...
    e of your requests may never be done. The new rules for members only won't be solve problem of the request skipping/ignoring and members favoritism. By the way JoeH is still only artists who cares of his the 'accepted list' requests while other had turn their accepted list into a 'never be done requests list' a long time ago, especially Rex
    15 Feb 2020 21:34
  • sabakunogaara: I meant the skipped and probably the 'accepted list' requests.
    15 Feb 2020 18:54
  • sabakunogaara: Hehe it seems they FINALLY managed to stop the request spamming ONCE and FOR ALL congratulations @ADMINS good work! But now what about the request skipping and members favoritism? even that you guys managed to solve the spamming issue still won't prevent artists skipping or simply ignore members requests and they start complaint again like the other mate said :)?. I'm here for around 3 years i think and I've never seen one single artist who hasn't skiped one single request yet, specially Rex and...
    JoeH, even Claudius :P. And I bet one year of premium that many requests posted from december 2019 to this month february 2020 will never be done. Except for the VIPs of course.
    15 Feb 2020 17:24
  • HarleyXQuinn: don't worry sabakunogaara with this ''policy of one request per member to each artist in 30 days'' such sites like Sailormoonpixx Bleachpixxx Fairytailpixxx and Onepiecepixxx or better saying sabakunogaaraMrstefanpiecepixxx will be dead soon. I sure very soon you'll gonna bitching too about that new policy because if month ago you might get a few pics from Joeh per month and maybe one pic from Rex then now you'll be get only one pic from Joeh per month maybe one requests from and MAYBE one reque...
    st from a new artist, maybe. How do you like those perspectives? I guess ot very good, right? By the way I bet after 30 -40 days there will be a lot members who will be complains about the undone requests by Rex because with his speed of updates like one pic per week the many requests from many members won't be done ot even 30 or 60 or 90 days or and a half year as in my case. and don't forget Rex prefer doing a simple requests so smartass who did a ton simple requests a half year ago will be regularly get a new pic from Rex per month per many months while requests from current members will be skipped and ignored. So this a new policy is just against members and their interests
    14 Feb 2020 17:08
  • sabakunogaara: I dont know if this ''policy of one request per member to each artist in 30 days'' is working or if it works for different sites because there are members still getting more than 1 and 2 requests in less than 30 days. Specially on fanpixxx and sailormoonpixxx or better saying rippy77araboomoonpixxx.
    14 Feb 2020 14:44
  • Crayon0: They owe me like 2 PICS!
    14 Feb 2020 01:40
  • HarleyXQuinn: Oops, My bad, the queue list is hidden for members only but if logout and visit pixxxs an non-members then you won't have any problems to see a queue list. But I don't see the any changes in Rex accepted long time dead ago list, as been expected Rex won't be play your game with a new rules and won't stop to drawing a simple requests so that new rules will be an another pain in ass for members and some artists. Good job HK as always
    13 Feb 2020 22:40
  • HarleyXQuinn: Wrong sabakunogaara, actually members do know very well what artists like to do a simple ideas and dislike to draw very detailed requests with many characters but with the new rules that will be very troublesome for artists play like that So that's why I think that a hidden queue list will be a great place for cheating from artists and keep drawing a ton simple pics. And profile to each artist it's a great idea but even if members will be following of every preferences of artists, it's still wil...
    l not guarantee that artist will accept that request. With that new rules, 1 request per 30 days, artists should give their answer what he gonna do with the new request - accept or reject and explain why, after a few days after the request had been asked but don't wait a few months and then said something like "Sorry maybe next time"
    13 Feb 2020 22:11
  • sabakunogaara: Not to mention members do not know wat artists like-dislike to draw, there is no communication or artist profile to let members knows for exemple Rex doesn't really like drawing fetishism requests that includes feet like heels and JoeH doesn't draw incest, long descriptions etc etc, old members may know but what about new ones huh? We/they have to figure out by ourselves 'why certain types of requests are not being done'. Creating each artist profile with CLEAR descriptions of ' WILL DO'' and '...
    'WILL NOT DO'', 'MAX NUMBER OF CHARACTERS' may avoid complaint and help members to know why their requests are being 'skip' or ignored and maybe even the flood.
    13 Feb 2020 21:33
  • HarleyXQuinn: @Admins I can send 1 request per month to each artist till done, accepted or denied, right? But how can i find out what exactly is going on with my queries right now,which ones were accepted, which were rejected if the queue list was hidden? Rex didn't made any of my requests from summer 2019 and I want to know what he gonna to do with any of my requests for next 30 days or he had rejected all of my requests and I want to know the reason why but it's impossible because the queue list is hidden
    13 Feb 2020 18:58
  • HarleyXQuinn: Sounds very promising but this won't be work as you want for many reasons: reason 1 - majority of members will stop asking simple queries and instead of a few simple requests they will make one requests with many details for a group of character but artists doesn't like requests so many requests won't be done even after 30 and 60 and 90 days. Reason 2: members just will stop make a reqests to unpopular sites but artists will still be forced to support the lives of unnecessary and uninteresting t...
    o members of the pixxx-sites and will make new drawings there and at the same time ignore genuine requests from current members. I guess for that plan the queue list been hidden, in this case artists may can manipulate and cheat by create a fake accounts or use name of ex-members to draw anything what they want and "legally" ignore from real members, right HK? Reason 3: people will be complain doesn't matter what for example some artist may don't do any request during 30 after that request been ask and that will be a legal reason for member to start complain or artist will make request to one member and after 30 day of awainting that member will be start bitching "where is my another requests?" Reason 4: you should give the true list of active artists who really is will be drawing our requests but not like now when only Rex and Joeh are drawing requests while other didn't made of any requests for last few months. Do you really wanna say all artists from list is open to requests and asking something from them wouldn't be a waste of ideas ?
    13 Feb 2020 18:57
  • sabakunogaara: Let's see if this new policy of ONE REQUEST PER MEMBER TO EACH ARTIST WITHIN 30 DAYS WILL WORK cause i NEVER see this working before, it MAY work at the firt or second month but after that all become a mess, noone believe this chatting anymore xD. But the idea of bringing new artist is nice, see if you guys can bring DarkAlx and Raikage art, Raikage art has a different and nice art style. Beside these guys there are also a couple others really nice too would be nice to have lexus/cowboy tanaka a...
    nd karazu back but that unfortunally won't gonna happen, for lexus I can confirm that cuz I'm his patron and he said he aint comming back ;(. And btw good one Rex, if you are willing I really would like to see one of my classic requests made.
    13 Feb 2020 16:23
  • kumekazu: Nice, that arc about going to the past can make a lot of new awesome pixxx.
    13 Feb 2020 02:39
  • Crayon0: Nice rex, now can i get a request lol
    13 Feb 2020 02:28