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A Taste Of Granny-licious Tsunade

Tags: Tsunade, Uzumaki Boruto,

7 May 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: Alright pic, but why does Tsunade look so young with a mature body. She looks like she is in her teens while her body is in her 30s. I don't know if it's requested, but she look more like Ino than Tsunade herself. The rest, though, have been done very exceptionally.
    19 Jul 2018 04:45
  • Ryan: I'd like to see a nice view pic of Tsunade getting big round butt pounded out.
    3 Jul 2018 03:04
  • TentenSakura777: Narutopixxxs needs more armpit hentai with Sakura and Tenten!
    8 May 2018 00:51
  • TentenSakura777: I love how Boruto's face is borrowed in tsunade's right Armpit!! Thats so sexy
    8 May 2018 00:07