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Where Is The Jinchuriki Of The Nine Tails

Tags: Tobi, Hinata Hyuga,

5 February 2017
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  • Amaterasu user: A little critic on the pic would that you have forgot the a small detail. The red clouds that are on his akatsuki coat isn't on it. As I said just a small detail so it isn't a huge error, but it would always be nice to see a fix-up. Actually now that I think about its correct that the coat didn't have cloud on it before Shippuden so maybe that's the reason. Anyways, thanks for a nice pic. :)
    13 Feb 2017 00:29
  • haplo: Great, more barefoot young gals please!
    6 Feb 2017 15:28
  • miyuki_chinen: again hinata? sakura?
    5 Feb 2017 18:04