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Ultimate Boobjutsu To Protect Hanabi

Tags: Hentai, Naruto, Toneri, Anime, Artwork, Original, Koala, Artist, Hinata Hyuga,

10 April 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: So the same request have been done by two artist. I guess there have been miscommunication because this is really unfair! Try to avoid this in the future, please, for the memeber's sake!! Anyways, I wonder what the original request were since the background look very different from what Rex have done. I can assume that the requester wanted the characters in these positions and they could choose theirselves how they wanted to do the background. ^^ Rex art is better, but the background he...
    re is much better than what Rex have done. I see room for improvement on they both, Koala, especially Toneri. Try to draw his face a bit more like the anime. Rex and Joe does a good job. Try to look at their pics. :)
    23 Jun 2018 02:01
  • pathfinder.omega: This was already done by Rex
    10 Apr 2018 12:44