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Training With Neji

Tags: Hentai, Naruto, Anime, Artwork, Original, Koala, Artist, Hyuuga, Neji, Hinata Hyuga,

20 April 2018
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  • Amaterasu user: Nice!!! :D I see that the page layout have been changed since the last time I have been here. I actually like the old layout better since it was very original and thoughtful. This, however, looks more simple and boring with just with white background and a very simple logo. This looks even more simple than the previous. At least we have a slideshow of pictures and there is now 12 pics per page. On the good side, I love to see how many pics each of npixxx artists have drawn during their period he...
    re. By the way, will Darwin get his own count of pictures? He were an artist here, though he is no longer with us. I also love the different logo the different artist have shown. This makes it much more organized and easier way to find the way to your favorite artist. Overall a nice change, but I would love if we could have something similar to the old background. Maybe the pic with highest rating by most members could be in the background? :) Anyways, back to the pic. I think you need to work more on their faces, Koala. They could need some improvement. I also think her body is too mature for that age. If this is pre-Shippuuden she is supposed to have a smaller body. I know it can be underage pic, but I like precision. What you have done a great job on is their hair and eyes, together with their clothes, which is usually good. So awesome job pal, keep it up!! :D
    6 Jul 2018 01:10