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[2458] Hinata From Naruto Shippuden

By Request from hooligan: Hinata from "Naruto Shippuden" like http://imgbox.com/XhhsuWns

Characters: Hinata Hyuga,

Tags: Hinata Hyuga, Naruto, Pixxx, Hentaikey, Hentai, Solo, Nude, Request, Artist, Renchi,

31 January 2019
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  • pixxxpro: @rippy77, i think you got the voting concept wrong. the voting is intended to rank artists and to assign them which pixxx site will be their priority. (meaning if members vote Nero for bleach, this will be his priority site. Example: if nero gets 80% bleach requests and 20% are from different sites, he will do his priority site first before doing other sites). While its true that narutopixxx has been the all time favorite, not all artists from the pool draws naruto characters well. On the case o...
    f Hpixxx, rest assured all hinata characters/request will be removed to narutopixxx and shall be assigned to hinatapixxx once reassignment is done. "We get redundant floods of requests" <-- referring to pinup requests.. while "Please continue to post any suggestions you may have." - this refers to any ideas you want to contribute in the site. Those are 2 different things. Thank you though.
    20 Feb 2019 14:58
  • Rippy77: @pixxxpro after reading the list matching artists to pixxx we clearly can see Joe is not HK artist anymore but he still in the list of active artists, any of artists is not have serious interest to Onepiecepixxx and Hinatapixxx, that's explain why does OPpixxx is dead while Hinatapixxx is just extra base for the reposting pics from Npixxx. Maybe you should just close up those two defected pixxx-sites. A feature where members can vote sound interesting but this have no sence because right now th...
    ere is the very efective pool for members and that's calling a suggestion boxes. Right now the majority of all members requests are the Naruto-themed requests, and not to be a genius to get one simply thing: all artist will be start drawing mostly pics to Npixx when this voting systeme will be open to members. And that's mean even more dead and defected pixxx like OPpixxx and Hpixxx but from other side members may stop to ignore artists as it going on with Nero at this moment. The cleaning up all suggestion box are great idea that should had been done long ago but better late than never. We get redundant floods of requests so @members: Please continue to post any suggestions you may have. Soundas very illogical and inconsistent, aren't it?
    15 Feb 2019 21:07
  • pixxxpro: @araboo thank you we'll take note of your suggestions. since the migration, not all functions were available yet thus we have to fix thousand of contents piled from 2009. It's the reason why you see some odd accounts in the request form, missing contents, etc. we are in the process of reassigning them to its correct artist name. With regards to limiting requests, it has been a long due function we are putting as we get redundant floods of requests. I agree on cleaning up all suggestion box but d...
    ue to the migration, the old request ID's became open and we have yet to sync out the requests ID to its matching posts (this might give you an impression that the request ID's from year 201* has not yet been made but in fact they were done). in allocating resources, we are matching the artist to its matching pixxx (example: Nero's art fits Bleach; Rex on Naruto, Red on Fanpix/FT/Naruto ; Sven on FT/Sailormoon ; Koala on Naruto ; Renchi on Fanpix ; and so on) but soon we'll put a feature where members can vote. On the note of hinatapixxx, what we can do is to transfer all hinata related images there (regardless if it has logo of narutopixxx). but a note though thatmembers will experience transition in this when finding their hinata related request they posted in narutopixxx. We are still making changes for the site to perform better and its the reason why we stray away from WP (wordpress). We'll soon be finished in sorting the library of contents since 2009 and each artist will also have proper stats of their uploads linked to its respective pixxx. @members: Please continue to post any suggestions you may have.
    14 Feb 2019 14:19
  • araboo: 3) Correct allocation of resources and priorities; Nero and Rex tried hard to resurrect Bleachpixxx lately and what they got: Members didn't shown a big interest to this site after so many efforts and if Rex had got a few requests there then Nero absolutely nothing. Maybe it's about time to try put this guy to others pixxx-sites where are Nero may be more interesting to members and find own fans rather than spending his time and potential on a site where no one appreciates him. 4) Hinatapixxx...
    what it is ? I know this site was planed to separate Hinata pics and requests from Narutopixxx and that's was a nice idea but hat we have now; Site almost without an exlusive pics, almost all pics there are is just reposts from Narutopixxx, make requests there is just wasting of time because all artists prefer to spending time and have deal with requests from Narutopixxx and doesn't cares of requests from Hinatapixxx, Hinatapixxx is just perfect example of wasted resources and you really should think what you should to do with that site in future. My ideas may be usefull to you but if you really gonna work by method; Requests to other artist is mean no pics from Rex then all this would not make any sense I can advise all your artists to start looking for a new job because now they can all forget about the requests from members
    12 Feb 2019 21:16
  • araboo: You gonna change the suggestion system and if you interesting I have few simple proposal that truly may change the current situation for a better way. 1) Rules for requestor: 1 month - 1 request to 1 artist, if you have many ideas then you always may to await to nextmonth to make the next request or make requests to other artists by following by this rule or buy more different accounts. Also I recomende to create the limit of requested characters to one request. If somebody will try to cheat an...
    d will be make more than one requests to one artist per one month then all requests after first one from this member must be removed without any exceptions. I know this idea sound pretty strange from me but I did noticed one interesting thing; there are not so many active members to compare to previous year so I think this shouldn't be so big problem to artists to serve and satisfy all active members in almost monthly quotas, but this may works only if artists won't be waste their time to drawing old requests that's been made over year ago from people who left HK long time ago. So that's bring to my next proposal 2) Clean up of all suggestion boxes at all pixxx-sites and left only requests that's been made not older about 4-5 monthes ago. Also remove all requests from spammers and left only 1 request to 1 artist per 1 month. I know many members won't be happy with this idea but thanks to this you trully can make the work of artists easier about the drawing and selection requests.
    12 Feb 2019 21:15
  • araboo: You finally started to do something with the list of active artists and that's great but still you still didn't finished this work in perfect way. You said there are total of 7-8 active artists and told who the same but still in list of artists available for request we can find Joe Yaichi Remo and even Karazu. What exactly these people have forgotten in the list if it is obvious that none of them will ever make any of the requests ? Just remove them to from the list and give to us the real list...
    of active artists available for request
    12 Feb 2019 19:46
  • sabakunogaara: @pixxxpro: Not to mention the flooders bombarding the artists(specially Rex) everyday every page with 5-10 requests poluting and dirtying the site to get 2-3 pictures while others get to wait forever or get nothing and nobody does nothing. And I'm sorry to hear about Robert he was a nice person, although his art weren't great thing he was still a good artist. The sites don't a big list of artist just the right and active ones because the best ones like Lexus and Karazu already left the only one...
    remaining and the one who still saves the site is Rex, and a system that REALLY works preferably a system that prevent people from spamming.
    12 Feb 2019 14:50
  • testrowan: like i said, this is a coding error , in-active artists of course should not be shown and will be removed from the request option, we are working on making the site more user friendly and also on a better request systems.
    11 Feb 2019 22:26
  • Rippy77: Sven is active artist, really ? No single pic from him in this year, in this case Ellery, Robert, Lexus, Darwin must be active artists too because they is not worse than Sven. Anyway thank you for proving my point - the dead artists is a bait. Some members posted many requests to different artists included dead artists then they may don't get anything because their requests may be ignored because active artists may they can skip consecutive request from the same member to give way to the next i...
    n queue and wait that exactly dead artist will be drawing requests. Also if some member will be ask 100 requests to Rex then Rex will be regularly draw requests from this guy but if some member will be ask one request to Rex and few requests to others artists then Rex won't be draw any requests from this guy because of the better categorize the requests, Wolfer is the perfect example how it's does work. Do you realize that thanks this inovation members will be spamming Rex only and ignoring others artists, Seems you doesn't.
    11 Feb 2019 20:55
  • testrowan: hi this is just an issue with the coding of the site that showed all artists versus artists available for request, its going to be fixed shortly.
    11 Feb 2019 19:39
  • Wolfer: The last time Rex did a request to Wolfer at 29 July 2014 when Koala even didn't knew nothing about the pixxx-sites. All this time Wolfer was a member but Rex only ignored any requests from this guy about 4,5 year, Wolfer unsuccessfully made Halloween request for last wo years by Rex just skiped this because he was very busy to drawing Halloween requests every year for some very lucky guys, but it's never Wolfer, Rex without problem may do a two requests from one and the same member per month...
    when Wolfer haven't got a single request done by Rex for a years because Wolfer's request always must be skip consecutive request for sake the other member to give way to the next in queue, By the way the last time Koala did a request to Wolfer at 31 August 2018, Just saying. If you wanna talk about a lucky members who regularly getting their requests done you should find somebody better than me
    11 Feb 2019 18:37
  • pixxxpro: @rippy, apologies as we'll get the list of active artists fixed in the request form. The form is made that way with the drop down artist list to better categorize the requests. For those flooding, yeah we see them and even if members posts 4-5 span in 1 day on the same artist, the artists can decide to select only 1 from those request. We see posts from Wolfer, Vsostav and others who has 4 request posted in 1 day to different artists - in general, when the list is compiled to the artist's view,...
    they can skip consecutive request from the same member to give way to the next in queue (but not random on their choice). What cannot be avoided here though is when Rex did a request to Wolfer and Koala did a request to Wolfer on the same date as artists can only see their own list. Soon we'll have analytics to balance this out. in the mean time, while we sync the missing posts, artists are doing their current queues.
    11 Feb 2019 13:12
  • pixxxpro: to answer your question, there are total of 7-8 active artists :ecchizen, red, renchi, koala, red, sven, nero and ). the migration of the new system had some posts mixed up and some went missing. it needs a lot of backtrack to sync with its respective id's and artist tags. they sometimes participate in the upcoming HK games and you may see accounts in the artist list as sailormoonpixxx, narutoadministrator, etc - but these only means that the pinups were compiled into these previous accounts tha...
    t needs synching.
    11 Feb 2019 12:43
  • pixxxpro: @araboo: I don't know the deal with the other artists but this I can tell you. Both Ellery and Robert are my buddies, I know them personally. Ellery left HK and is now working on a big comic book company, and Robert, my dear friend... passed away way back 2016. -Rex-
    11 Feb 2019 05:02
  • Rippy77: Just don't pay attention, this huge list of active artists is a bait. Some artists are active for a real, some artists are appears once per few months to make a few pics while others artists is just a names in the list and nothing more else but some people are think that these artists still drawing for pixxx. Honestly this huge list of active artists is annoying because everytime when you trying to make request you must read this list and find artist what you interesting is getting more troubles...
    ome. But after the story with Darwin, the list of artists may to become rven bigger than now, because HKey may put there any artist who atleast for once had deal with any HKey sites and the list of artists may turn into a memorial plaque soon
    11 Feb 2019 04:44
  • araboo: What going with the artist list at all pixxx-sites ? There are was a lot of artists who had left pixxx-sites long time ago: Lexus/Jenny, sailormoonpixxx/Aidan, Kido, Ferds, Yaichi, Robert, Karazu, Remo, the future career as the pixxx-artists of Joe, Sven Ramiune looks very doubtfull, and now a few unknown new guys appeared there James, Dana, Elmer and suddenly Darwin who was dead for a while. In this year I've see only a few artists who truly are active at pixxx-sites; Rex, Koala, Red, Renchi,...
    Nero, Claudius and Ecchizen, but any the list of active artists at any pixxx-site looks a way larger than the true numbers of active artists. Did something with that fake lame the list of artists and give us the real one
    10 Feb 2019 11:05