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Christmas dinner

Shiva: Christmas dinner

15 Dec 2022

Assview Hanabi

Shiva: Assview Hanabi

31 Oct 2022

Temari alone

Shiva: Temari alone

16 Oct 2022

Ino in great war

Shiva: Ino in great war

12 Oct 2022

Pregnant Sakura

Shiva: Pregnant Sakura

26 Sep 2022

New Rivalry

Shiva: New Rivalry

15 Sep 2022

Taste my Weapon

Shiva: Taste my Weapon

14 Sep 2022

Sarada's summer

Shiva: Sarada's summer

7 Sep 2022

So strong!

Shiva: So strong!

11 Aug 2022

Mei Terumi

Shiva: Mei Terumi

7 Jul 2022


Shiva: Hyuguinha

27 Jun 2022

Girl Time

Shiva: Girl Time

23 Jun 2022


Shiva: FU IN 69 ACTION

20 Jun 2022

Ino gangbanged

Shiva: Ino gangbanged

21 Apr 2022

Sub naruto

Shiva: Sub naruto

30 Mar 2022


I am Shiva, I love drawing Super Heroes, Caricatures, Hentai. My Favorite Anime is Naruto, One Piece, Sailormoon, and Bleach. I am glad to join the Pixxx Sites and I will draw the best I can. Drawing Great Parody Artwork is my job. Thank You!

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