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Kurotsuchi (naruto shippuden version)

By Request from IkeLockhart1269: Please draw Kurotsuchi (naruto shippuden version) completely naked riding a rock dildo, rising from the ground, while with his left hand he grabs and squeezes her left breast, and her right breast being sucked and bitten by his mouth while being grabbed and squeezed by his right hand. Draw in his expression a face of pleasure, in the background that is in the mountains of Iwagakure. Thanks

Characters: Kurotsuchi,

Tags: Renchi, Request, Narutopixxx, Hentai Key, Big Boobs,

29 July 2023
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  • IkeLockhart1269: as always excellent work Renchi, thank you very much.
    2 Aug 2023 04:29