During the first few episodes of Naruto, not a lot of us imagined thatthese characters are bound to grow up, well in the series at least.  Now who would have thought that the flat-chested gennins Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten would one day blossom into fuck-worthy kunoichi ? Yes, their bodies and ninja skills developed in Naruto Shippuden and it leaves a sweet taste in our mouth just imagining how it would be like to watch them get into the action with their fellow ninjas.

By action –we don’t mean those that require their kunai, ninjutsu or genjutsu and you probably know what we are saying here….  Of course, we can’t ever expect them to go raunchier than the perverted shadow clone, which is why we are giving you the chance to steer the wheel of your imagination and tell us exactly what you want to see! first, you have to register at hentaikey.com to become a member. then post your request in the suggestion box.

This is the version of the series that is bound to unleash your pervy shinobi side! We are making it all come true for you.  See all your favorite characters get into all sorts of sexcapade that will suit your discerning taste. Here, there are no battles between villages nor fights as to who will conquer the land but the amount of action that would satisfy your lustful cravings.

Q. Who are you ?

A. you can call me REX. I like to keep my real name secret. hahahahaha!

Q. What is your site about ?

A. Well, this site is dedicated to all Narutofans out there who wants to see
their favorite characters doing stuffs that the mainstream media is too scared
to show on tv.

Q. Is all the content was originally from you?

A. Yes. 100% original.( Well, the ideas will be yours. )

Q. In one sentence how would you describe your work?

A. Im giving my best shot to make the artworks as close to the real thing..

Q. What are your main inspirations?

A. i would like to know What would the Leaf kunoichis look like without
their clothes and How would the fans all over the world react to it.Back in
the days, I tried to search for Naruto hentai pics on the net and sadly, i
can’t find a decent pic that time. and that’s what pushed me to make

Q. Have you exhibited your work in a real life exhibition? If so what were
your experiences and would you want to do it again?

A. Nope. and maybe never! I have my own reasons.

Q. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with people?

A. I am a huge fan of Masashi Kishimoto! Awesome guy! He is very influential to me in terms of art style.The way he drew characters facial expressions, anatomy, everything! Even the storyline. I was so amazed when i first saw
the anime and later read the manga. I am a big fan of early Japanese
warriors when i was a kid thats why i got hooked into it. thats the reason
why i am doing all my best to ensure that i draw every pic, if not
identical, maybe a little bit close to his style.

Q. What can someone find in this site that they cannot find anywhere else?

A. A lot of weird pairings, high quality artworks, violent reactions and
comments, what else can i say? hahahahaha!

Q. How would you rate yourself from 1- 10 base on artist experience?

A. uh.. i would say 7-8. it would be so arrogant if i say 10.. hahahahaaha!

Q. What do we need to look forward to… What’s next?

A. Expect to see a lot of character debut, new categories, A lot of new
stuff is comming.

Q. Who is your favorite naruto character and why?

A. JIRAIYA!! We are very very similar in a lot of aspects. as for the
girls… Mei Terumi.. She ‘s One Hot Momma!

Q. How can i request an artwork?

A. Register to HentaiKey and login here and post your request and the suggestion box.

Due to many requets overtime, i’ve set some standard rules in making a request

1. Post one request at a time and as BRIEFLY as you can. please refrain from posting long request because i don’t have much time reading all of it.

2. 2 request / member per week. if i can accommodate more, it will be easy to add

3. Don’t post your request/suggestions on the comment box.  and please STOP FLOODING. otherwise it will automatically be deleted.

4. Limit your character, less character means your request shall be done first.your requests must not be over 3 characters

5. Ask for characters that has already appeared on the anime or the movie. i don’t want to spend forever searching for the color reference in the net.

6. Don’t ask for crossovers(ex. bleach characters with naruto characters)This is exclusively for Naruto only.


8. SPAMMERS , TROLLS,  FLOODERS are not allowed here!

I’m having a hard time keeping up with as i submit over 30 pinups per month. Although i’m doing my best, i can’t please everyone. but do understand that i’m working on your requests on my given time. I even draw during weekends. In this, if there are request that is beyond or not reasonable enough on my given time, i will let you know and let’s work on something i can draw.