I Should Have Appeared Earlier To Get You Easily

Posted on: August 31st, 2018 by Rex 34 Comments

Requested by KiSwordsman

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  1. 69 says:

    Fucking hinatards

  2. Homad says:

    Would have looked so much better if that was Sakura.

  3. Trepla says:

    God, too much Hinata. My brain is dying. We really don’t need Hinata for another 2-3 months. You guys should have had your fill now. What’s funny is Rex’s fave female was Sakura, yet 5 Hinata pix? I wonder if he started liking the fodder wife with blue hair now.

  4. Madara says:

    She’s the perfect useless bitch in naruto especially her eyes

  5. Sai says:

    Nice work you Stupid fuck just make more and more of this Pathetic bitch and ignore ino and sakura and kushina

  6. Renaissance says:

    I would say “chill guys, after he’s finished with her, he can focus on the rest for a few months without her appearing”, but now I don’t know…

  7. Hgr224e says:

    Rex Is your penis small and childish to draw anime characters when they were in childhood lol
    And why all this focus on Hinata
    She doesn’t deserve all this glorification and sanctification
    It’s time to make some of mikoto and sakura and tsunade

    • Phalax says:

      Why does that matter? Her design may be based on part 1, but who said it is “childhood”? Also, it’s not different from cartoons, rather it is a cartoon itself but not native to the west obviously.
      I don’t care about her but he really does need to move on. Maybe he likes her now?
      It’s possible her is working on the earliest requests put out for him.

  8. Bobert123 says:

    Man……I loved the boruto pixxx you made from earlier today…but the lack of Ino and Sakura in favor of hinata is killing me. Your Ino art is AMAZING rex…why ignore her?

  9. tsukutarasu says:

    Rex’s favorite female is Mei.

    • trisnam says:

      Nope, it was actually Sakura. But I guess he liked sunade and mei too. But judging by the pics now, I guess it has become hinata?

  10. POLO says:

    Hinata daisuki!

  11. FJLoved says:

    I have to admit that Hinata with this young age doesn’t attract me at all and it’s perfectly normal. In addition of that, like other people commenting here, I think there is too much of Hinata.

  12. uzumakikate69 says:

    I just love the pics with part 1 naruto girls – sakura, ino and especially hinata
    you are doing awesome work with those ones, Rex.
    although it totally kills the mood for me when one of those creepy guys like toneri right now, zabuza, and kabuto end up on a picture.

  13. Matrys says:

    Well, who said she’s “young”? It may be based on her part 1 design but that doesn’t mean it’s not adultified. Adults come in all shapes and sizes. But yeah there is too much of this grudge-eyed whore.

  14. trisnam says:

    Oh, I noticed the requester is KiSwordsman, the guy that advocates child porn.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if KiSwordsman was Amos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL0AiEhXUF0
    KiSwordsman would take any chance to get into someone a lot younger than him.
    He was also saying something like how he wants a ‘pedo’ or ch!ld p*rn tag.

  15. Katyiff says:

    Rex’s favorite female is sakura
    Because he’s drawing her always blowjob position cause she’s has the most beautiful face in the series ever

  16. Homax says:

    Exactly, and he does extra non-request artwork of her when he has time. The BJ pick of her swallowing the yellow-haired young man, ha ha, yes Hinatards. Him! Is one of Rex’s favourite sex pairs.

  17. Alex says:

    Why don’t you just accept the situation as it is now? Hinata is more popular because she is loved by the community.

    • TridentFlaves says:

      Hah, nope. You do realise in the origin country of this series that Sakura is way more popular than her. And how does getting drawn more make the grudge girl popular? She looks like she would be blind seeing as she did nothing in the series except get her cousin killed.

      Poor dweeby white boy, doesn’t even know that his name “Alex” comes from “Alexander” which is actually an Arabian (and other neighbour) name that has been stolen by the Romans/Greeks to make its present Latinised/Westernised form.

  18. Alex says:

    Calm down or leave this site. Enough of your bullshit and your stupid hate.

  19. Tsuka says:

    fucking useless and creepy the alien girl

  20. ayy yo says:

    We need more Tayuya like really

  21. rodin says:

    Nice multi account, KiSwordsman. Fucking hinafag

  22. 11 says:

    Draw more Hinata, Rex.
    These stupid whining bitches must suffer.

  23. Hinata=Autism says:

    Rumors Confirmed

  24. Hinata=Autism says:

    Yeah, sure, that’s why the Boruto manga is nose diving in the sell department!


    • CoolQuip says:

      Just say Comic, it’s the exact same thing! Also, the Next Gen. series is selling so poorly. Not to mention pirated content stolen and posted by westerners doesn’t help.

  25. Like says:

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  26. CoolQuip says:

    Just say Comic, it’s the exact same thing! Also, the Next Gen. series is selling so poorly. Not to mention pirated content stolen and posted by westerners doesn’t help.

  27. Likely I am likely to save your blog post. :)

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