Private Session With Kakashi Sensei

Posted on: August 3rd, 2018 by Rex 14 Comments

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  1. tsukutarasu says:

    Hey, you got the headband color right this time! lol

  2. tsukutarasu says:

    Hey, you got the headband color right this time! lol

  3. Crystalbob says:

    It’s blue! It’s really, really blue!

    Jk, I had to. Amazing pic. Glad we are starting to get more part one Sakura love!

  4. Jackdaw says:

    The amount of work you’ve been doing is amazing, Rex. Make sure to get proper rest!

  5. Horasse says:

    Great pic! Wish his was a bit thicker and a bit of cream sliding out. I also wish someone request side story/genin-jonin Kakashi time travel fucked by Sakura.
    Please, someone request Kakashi (before his team died basically) being fucked by Sakura (shippuden) or maybe even Obito. “You remind me of Rin” sorta thing.

  6. Mad says:

    Just tell us why when it comes to drawing a sakura that you draw her character in a small way and everything in her surroundings is big

  7. 69 says:

    Kakashi looks so hot
    Sakura looks ugly and she’s not sexy
    I mean look at her lol
    And the best thing in this picture reaction of sasuke and naruto

  8. Crystalbob says:

    You crazy, Sakura looks super hot

  9. Horasse says:

    Yeah, I agree. But it’s not her, he drew the male big. This is the first image where someone was drawn with thick triceps.

    You’re fucking kidding. She’s beautiful. If you think Hinata, then you are fucking wrong. Also, Hinata + Kakashi = don’t suit, no connection. This image would seem to adjust to the story, especially after they both leave. Reminds me, he should draw a short hair version OR at least a Sakura slurping Kakashi off.

    P.S. The best part about the image is those two getting to view his butt cheeks as they go up and down with his bag dropping every few while knowing they can’t compete.

  10. te334 says:

    I love you sakura chan you’re the best
    Please rex can you make her gaiden version in ass view or ass fetish or yoga pants she’s will be so fucking sexy

  11. 5554r says:

    Your ass is the best thing in the world sakura thank you rex for this picture but can make her bigger and more bubbly next time as sakura in boruto

  12. Naruto says:

    Rex I think you insult Sakura fans with this image you published
    I mean look at her ass she’s has the best ass in the manga and the best things in sakura her ass and legs and feet can you pleases focuses on her ass and her body and can you make her adult with long hair

  13. Rex fan says:

    We are waiting for more, Rex. Hope you upload some more soon. :)

  14. Aston says:

    Sorry dude I have bad news for you. Rex and other artists was pretty active here for last months, they even had changed the design of this site because they did expected to get more clients thanks the such moves but it didn’t worked as they did expected. So that’s why from start of this month we got old good 1-2 updates per week as in good old times.
    Do you wanna know why people not hurry up to being an members here ? I’ll tell you. Maybe you already seen but HKey had changed the design of Bleachpixxx and Fairytailpixxx too but if look in the queue list then you’ll see that members much more interesting in Fanpixxx and Sailormoonpixxx but who cares. if look in the queue list then you’ll see that the absolutely majority all requests just been ignored and missed.. Artists may draw 3-5 requests from one lucky members and ignored requests from dozen other not so lucky members and this situation for all pixxx-sites.

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