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  1. Alibaba says:

    How many hands does Sakura have?

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  2. Shussy says:

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  3. Rick says:

    I like how the ramen bowls are clearly copy-pasted… they even still have a partial thumb that the artist didn’t bother to Photoshop out. Here is the image on the Spanish version of the Naruto wiki that was used: . That’s kinda lazy, dude. I mean, props for using an actual bowl of Ichiraku ramen from the anime, but still, you couldn’t be bothered to draw your own?

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  4. NaruNigga says:

    this shit wack my roblox porn better

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  5. Darylwep says:

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  15. Amaterasu user says:

    Daym, I agree that this idea was quite good. I love new ideas and such stuff. Pretty original idea. I wonder if Kiba knows what Sakura is up to. Probably yes because of his reaction. LOL. Naruto is amazed over the Ramen to think about pussy at all. Nice pic, but I agree that the ramen bowls are pretty copy and paste. An actually drawing of the bowl would have been better, but maybe you haven’t had time to draw it. This time it’s alright, but it’s always cool to know that the pic you have drawn is all your own and not any part of it is copy/paste. :)

    Overall, great pic. Thanks pal!!

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