Konoha’s Cosplay- Cum Party

Posted on: September 17th, 2017 by Koala 3 Comments

Suggested by Sai7664weq

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  1. Sai76644weq says:

    This is much more better than I could expected Thank you very much Koala for this glorious image

  2. Haruno.jeanne says:

    e hottest pic EVER. Please I want more MadaSaku and with REAL Madara too <3 They are great together and I have some ideas for other pics! I'll be glad if you like them ^_^ .
    1. Minato and Naruto fuck Sakura
    2. Road to Ninja: Menma and Tobi/Madara fuck Sakura
    3.REAL Madara fuck Sakura in the battlefield (btw Sakura with byakugou)
    4.Obito (jinchuuriki) fuck Sakura
    5.Hashirama fuck Sakura or Hashirama and Madara fuck Sakura I hope you like my ideas and realize them!!!!!!! Can you make this requests? From a guy called cadastru.

  3. Amaterasu user says:

    Looks good, but Sakura’s tits are way too big. Please draw them smaller just like how they should be. I recommend to take a look at rex pic. Imo he is doing that part excellent. Small tits character like Tenten and Sakura have always the correct size when it’s drawn by rex. The rest is excellent done. Quite good idea. Tnx!

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