Posted on: September 24th, 2017 by Ramiune 5 Comments
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  1. Itsube says:

    Just stop, why can’t you be like rex agghhggh

    • Amaterasu user says:

      and you stop whining. geez, every artist have their unique way of drawing. and this is actually quite good. so stop whining for once. geez, he is not rex. ofc he can’t copy paste him. that wouldn’t make him original. that would only make him a copycat. I am glad he found his own style of drawing, while having the important traits of the different character in mind.

      tnx, Raminue. Don’t listen to this stupid asshole. He doesn’t know what he is saying. You are great. You have drawn a great drawing here. Tnx. Keep up the good job. ;)

  2. Ryan says:

    Tsunade on the beach getting hammered in doggy position.Anon guy would be in her ass. and a bedroom hottie pic for Tsunade.

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