Female Hokages Must Be Flexible

Posted on: August 31st, 2017 by Rex 7 Comments

Requested by Crazy4hentai

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  1. whitewolf says:

    Wow Tsunade and her giant ass again,good job

  2. Don/fish1337 says:

    this picture is so fucking great O.O
    I normaly wouldn’t asked for it because i know you try to avoid the same position twice but pls pls pls can you do a years long loyal member a favor and make a Sakura (adult) version of this? I made a request for it . This simply needs to happen pls xD

    btw could it be that the request idea for this pic is the erza cocktail bar picture from lexus? That was my comission xD you both did really a great job on this position ^^ “both thumbs up”

  3. dragonshiryu says:

    Loved her expression great work man.

  4. FJLove says:

    M A S T E R P I E C E

  5. Crazy4hentai says:

    Suppose to be anal but thanks for my request the beatiful view of her amazing ass couldn’t be better. Thanks again!

  6. Tendou says:

    Really great work, Master Rex!
    that butt…

  7. Ryan says:

    That ass is the biggest ass I’v ever seen on a blonde babe. And baby also got back. Nice.

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