Temari and Hinata

Posted on: July 19th, 2017 by Koala 2 Comments

Suggested by Kakarotto

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  1. Amaterasu user says:

    New artist, huh? Welcum to Npixxx, Koala!!! ^_^ Good first attempt, but if I were to give you some tip, then it would be that you need to work on their faces. Especially Temari. It doesn’t resemble at all. A lot work need to be done on their correct tit size and pussies. For instance, Temari’s tits aren’t that big. They are half the size of Hinata’s. But the size of Hinata’s tits looks very correct. I think that the eye color of Temari should have more contrast. You can’t see the color of her eyes. You should have more contrast in their eye colors when you draw.

    But then again, you have done a great job on your first pic. The body anatomy is actually not bad drawn. Need a bit shaping, otherwise nice. I recommend that you work more on their pussies, correct tits size and more contrast in their eye color. Good luck! I know if you have the will and interest to do it, you can become an awesome artist. :)

    By the way, don’t listen to whiners if they whine a lot. They can’t tolerate the art of new artist. Just ignore them. They are just spam that you shouldn’t bother reading.

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