Ino’s Summertime – Nude

Posted on: June 2nd, 2017 by Joe 8 Comments

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  1. Iloveino says:

    I can’t see this image pls fix it!!

  2. Wolfer says:

    I just dying to see the new queue list but I have very very strong feelings that’s never happen because artists don’t draw requests chronologically, that’s why the queue list is top secret for members

    • Joe says:

      All the stuff I’ve been uploading thus far is from the queue list that I STRICTLY follow chronologically. Request is a bit piled up on my queue right now and I’m catching up to it rather slowly but I’ll speed up the pace bit by bit.

  3. Bryan says:

    Well the queue list still doesn’t work then maybe you others artists should make a one or few screen-shot of the queue list and update it as the pic ?
    It’s will calm down people and will be the best proof artists doing requests chronologically and members idea truly goes to that list and not dissapearing somewhere on the way

    • madlux says:

      Nice idea Bryan, but all artists will be ignore your proposal to save own asses from angry members which ideas was forgotten, because no one artists doesn’t support to chronologically drawing requests. Actually I would very interesting to hear answer from one artist who STRICTLY follow chronologically about all members requests without any exception. To prove your words you need just put the screenshot of your queue list but I bet you won’t be do it for some very strange reasons, right ?

    • Hatiko says:

      Sorry Bryan but it’s won’t calm down people, actually it’s will be make many people mad especially who did requests to Rex and Lexus. Almost all pixxx-artists never supported to make requests chronologically and do not cares of chronologically right now, definetly. HKey have pretty to hide the request queue list from members to save artists from the unnecessary bitching

    • Derek says:

      SoRaNoWoTo/Bryan/Darker Light/Dioras: calm down, cheater

  4. Wolfer says:

    Joe how you may explain this: Four months ago I put a few my requests to few artists into this the new suggestion box and still any of my requests wasn’t fulfilled for all this time by any artist, any fucking one. If you guys STRICTLY follow chronologically then why you missed all my requests ? You have no idea how does explain this, right ? Then I do it: You guys doesn’t work chronologically with requests, you just take a random request from random member, that’s why a some special members already got a few requests done while others doesn’t got a single one, that’s why the new queue list is hidden and never will be shows to members to hide your lie. That’s is the true facts and you know it as well

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