Posted on: April 14th, 2017 by Rex 9 Comments
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Requestd by gxcqbgj

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  1. Animeseven says:

    Ow that’s an amazing pic, Rex! Unfortunately can’t see the penetration, but still great! Nice work!

  2. SoRaNoWoTo says:

    And again a some very VIP member got the socond request done by Rex after a month from previous one. Just fucking great, fair and right ! Seriously when you gonnaput this “only special members are satisfied, the others wait and pay only” as the main slogan on this site ?
    By the way, could you update the whole list of all members which requests you rejected and skipped to make this request for this very privileged member.
    Because it’s exactly how the new request system are working: Some very special members will be service for every month while others will be wait for the rest of life doesn’t matter what, right rex?

  3. Darker Light says:

    WTF Rex ! At first trial_1499 and and now gxcqbgj ! Why you doing requests for one and the same members over and over ? And after this you ask stop spamming the request box but now it’s pretty clearly can see that only spammers will be served by Rex while everything else just waste the money here. HKey promised the new fair the suggestion box for all members but very quickly you destroyed these empty illusion and shown that HKey lied again because right now we have exactly the same story as before – favoritism and exclusive treatment for some special members and total ignore for everybody else ! Seriously somebody can explain me what fucking going on here !!!

    • Annoyed Member says:

      SoRaNoWoTo/Dioras/Draker Light: look who’s back! Whining because you’re not allowed to cheat alone is the new hot fashion, isn’t it?

  4. Jijio says:

    I put a few requests in row to you rex and now hopefully to get every request be done for every one month as you did for trial_1499 and gxcqbgj. Because the new suggestion system does working exactly in this way, right?

    • Animeseven says:

      Jijio, I did the same in February of last year, and until now, Rex didn’t make none of my requests! But, I already gave up, I will not ask or complain anymore, is waste of time! Hopefully you get your requests in time!

  5. Victor-ia says:

    So, spam is the best way to get your requests done regularly. Well let it be

  6. Amaterasu user says:

    Konan TV reporter, yay new character. Welcum to narutopixxx!! Great pic, Rex! She is lovely, especially with your drawing. :D

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