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Requested by KiSwordsman.

12 Responses

  1. miyuki_chinen says:

    too much hinata photos, she have 27 pages, please do more with sakura, ino, tenten,kushina, sarada

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    • Joe says:

      When you see too much Hinata photos, that normally would mean that there’s actually A LOT of Hinata requests. Apparently, she’s in demand. LOL! That’s something beyond my control.

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  2. kumekazu says:

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  3. Darker Light says:

    You know Joe, I would been very happy if you and Rex had left this site and HKey instead Lexus and Karazu. You wanna know why: Just tell me how many requests you and Rex did for last few weeks ? Karazu for the one week was able to do a more members requests then you two for a few weeks ! By the way, your last update was a pretty poor quality because it a rushed unfinished pic in any way.
    You promised the better suggestion system and more opportunites for members but in the end we got exact the same stuff as before but worse! What a point to keep being an members here and keep asking to artists who have no time to work with the requests while artist who can make a members requests just leaving HKey one by one

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    • Joe says:

      Well, thank you for voicing your opinion. But it is what it is. No matter how much you complain about it, Lexus and Karazu are not here in the meantime. I think you should be telling that to them instead, if you can find them. Rex and I are so far the ones left working on requests here and it’s not like this is the only thing we do with our life, y’know.

      I’m still sticking to the request list I follow just like I said before. And that’s that.

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  4. shinaz says:

    You know, I feel like the privilege of having enough money to afford membership and get their requests done is wasted on a lot of the people who make them. Not only do we get too much cuckoldry garbage like this, but even with that new “anti-repetition” regulation in place, it still feels like the same girls are being recycled way too much- even moreso than they used to be. Hell, I’m pretty sure Tayuya used to be fairly common, and now her last picture was at Christmas. Who the hell’s requesting these things? You have a whole plethora of hot chicks at your disposal, requesters! Use them, dammit!

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    • Joe says:

      Thanks for voicing out your opinion. Ironically though, the same ones who keep requesting the same character on most images are mostly the same ones who paid for their requests to be made in the first place. So I’m not so sure I would say that the ‘privileged ones who have afforded a membership to get their requests done’ is wasted as their requests are actually being done. So who are requesting these things? The name of the requesters are normally mentioned on the description of each image. Can’t really help it if that’s what they want. Requesters want what they want. LOL!

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      • shinaz says:

        All I’m saying is that it’s like they’ve got a great PC with awesome network connectivity and they’re using it to play Minesweeper. They seem to make poor use of the vast resource of girls that is the Naruto world.

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        • Joe says:

          LOL! Oh, I get you. I definitely get you.

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          • Amaterasu user says:

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