Posted on: March 11th, 2017 by Ramiune 3 Comments
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suggested by Bastara

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  1. Flying raijin says:

    I think joe should do the work.. his art style is just like rexs, while this …

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Dude remember Darwin? It took a while before he got the hang of it. Just like any artist he will find his own way of drawing naruto art. No artist whoever it were weren’t master at this in the beginning, but eventually found his own way to draw and got the hang of it. It just like the same with Ramiune. He is a newbie, but I believe he can eventually become an awesome artist. You have to give them some time. The most helpful way is to try find things he should work on the pic. Good critic that can help make him better is the best way to help him. Actually that’s the only way. It doesn’t help whining about how bad he is regardless if you are a member or not. :)

  2. Amaterasu user says:

    Actually it’s not half-bad. I have seen lot of naruto hentai and trust me, Ramiune, I have seem worse. But as any newbie artist there is things you need to work on:

    1. Most important is that you need to make them look more mature. They look way to young here. That’s a very important thing to remember. If you are going to draw characters in second part of naruto it’s necessary that they look mature and old. If they are suppose to look young like in part 1 it’s OK if the characters looks like this, but not if it’s from part 2! Joe is very good at this. I am sure he can give you some tip about it.

    2. Another thing I personally think it’s important it that the character resembles the anime as much as the anime/manga. It’s important that the hair color, tit size, skin color, etc, is just like how they looks in the anime. It’s very important for you to study a characters characterstics before you draw them. In this case for ex. Kushina’s tits shouldn’t be that big. She have tits size that isn’t much bigger than Sakura. In addition, Hinata’s hair color is more black hair color, when it’s supposed to be dark blue in the shadows and light blue in the light. Details like this is very important.

    3. I dunno if it were the requester’s wish or if you just did it on purpose, but I dunno why Minato’s face isn’t visible. Usually members (what I know from experience) like to see the male’s face and not just let it be hidden in the shadows like her.

    As I mentioned above this is just critical criticism to make you a better artist. It’s not meant to hurt you in anyway. I hope you take this as advices to make you better, not as trolling, whining or anything that direction. :)

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