Posted on: March 10th, 2017 by Ramiune 6 Comments
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  1. R34LxG says:

    I still can’t believe people actually believe Sarada is going to be the 8th hokage…she’ll still be too young,she’ll be the age that naruto was in the last and most likely konohamaru or someone will be hokage or maybe naruto is still hokage.Shell be hokage when she hits middle age. Not in her 20s LoL

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Dude, why are you raging over others opinions. Lol. I mean people have their right to express their opinions. Freedom of speech, right? Anyways, it’s actually possible that she becomes the homage. Time can change people. Who says Konohamaru actually becomea the homage. Time can change people. And if he isn’t the next Hokage, Sarada will be. Both Naruto and his father, Minato, became Hokage in their 20s. So it’s actually very high possible that Sarada is also the next Hokage. Who knows maybe Naruto dies younger than expected. ^^

  2. kumekazu says:

    Pretty good.

  3. Smmna says:

    Bad draw

  4. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Whatever the age. She becoming Hokage eventually is what matters

  5. Amaterasu user says:

    The idea is quite nice and orginal. But the tits are too big for her. They should have been smaller like Sakura’s. I think you need to practice drawing smaller in character that haven’t big tits. Just a tip and no offense. :)

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