Naruto x Hinata Beach Honeymoon

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Joe 16 Comments

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  1. slyfer101 says:

    Again I have to ask, and if this is the mods or admins please just let us know, are you on Narutopixxx temporarily again Joe? Or is this a permanent thing? And are you going to pick up where you left off on the request list. Konan’s req was next I believe…

    • Joe says:

      Hi, this wasn’t me that reposted. It’s the admin probably fixing the previous issues on my posts not showing the full image. I’ll be on BPixxx for now. I will definitely notify members when I switch sites.

  2. kumekazu says:

    That Hinata pic is very good,i would like if you stay here on Narutopixxx for a while.

  3. tsukutarasu says:

    So I made a request for Darwin a couple of years back, but since he seems to be gone forever, (still wondering what happened to him) could you possibly do my request please Joe?

  4. SweetBlow says:

    so N-Pixxx has 3 artists and OP-Pixxx none atm?

  5. Xnxx says:

    Mei x kakashi

  6. R34LxG says:

    Jeez Hinata is hated to much on this site,like wow.

    • Amaterasu user says:

      Unfortunately yes. These dumwits are still not over the three year old ending. That’s the main reason. Another reasons they use is that she is overrated, which is true, but then again it’s the members wishes so they have no right to complain. Just ignore them. It’s not worth wasting time on dumb non-members kidos.

  7. Amaterasu user says:

    It would be awesome if you stay here permanent, at least until Kido find his own way to draw naruto pics. But it would also be cool if you stay here permanent. Cause I think you are more needed here than on Bleach pixxx-sites.

    • Joe says:

      While I would love that, with the new request system, I guess I’ll be all over the place depending on what request goes my way. So the more Naruto requests I get, I guess I’ll be more frequent here. So again, it depends on what anime is request for me to do by members.

  8. Hames says:

    Why is there so much dislikes?
    Is it the one piece hating them?

  9. Hames says:

    Why is there so much dislikes?
    Is it the one piece hating them?

  10. Ryan says:

    More Hinata an Anon Guy.

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